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How Do Drugs Influence Athletic Performance?

Drugs that can Influence Athletic Performance   I’m big into bicycling.  Sometimes I will make the mistake of referring to an organized ride as a “race”, but I try to always use “event”. Like many athletes, I’ve found that it is most effective to compete against myself rather than to try to be trying to outdo others.  My goal for most long events is just to survive. Some of my rides can be pretty long [Read More...]

What Drugs Can Influence Athletic Performance? Dr. Rice

Drugs that can Influence Athletic Performance Statin Drugs and Rhabdomyolysis Crossfit!  Perhaps you’ve heard of it. If you ask Crossfit to define itself, it is an exercise program of constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.  In my opinion, Crossfit is an elite evangelical exercise religion. Crossfitters are all in for all-out intense exercise, which is celebrated with brutal “WODs” (workout of the day) often named after women, and cartoon characters such as “Pukey” [Read More...]

Walking Benefits and Medical Conditions

Fitness Trackers Increase Walking Benefits But Not Weight Loss #withDavida   Many of my friends are walking more and reaping the benefits from it. These new wrists worn or phone application fitness tracking devices have inspired many to get out and walk more. The new social competition is to track your steps and challenge friends and co-workers for prizes. One couple became so competitive they got into a little spat over it.  Other than that’s [Read More...]

Exercise, Diet and Your Medical Conditions

Ditch the Fad Diet for Exercise #withDavida   I stay away from the scale. It can be discouraging. I’m almost 5’11 and average 160 pounds.  Since I am not a small petite woman and weigh about the same as many men I encounter, I don’t like being reminded about the number. If I allow myself to focus on the number on the scale I’ll become obsessed with reducing that number to one that might be [Read More...]

Yoga and Chronic Pain: Fit Over 50

Yoga Is One of the Best Exercises for Chronic Pain #withDavida   I’ve always prided myself on being fit and strong. Dancing has been my first choice of exercise. But I’ve also skied, run track, swam laps, lifted weights and played Ultimate Frisbee. Plus a little boot camp, softball, pick-up football and hiking in the mountains when I’ve had the chance. I always push myself to finish strong. As I started nearing my 50th birthday [Read More...]