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Yoga and Chronic Pain: Fit Over 50

Yoga Is One of the Best Exercises for Chronic Pain #withDavida   I’ve always prided myself on being fit and strong. Dancing has been my first choice of exercise. But I’ve also skied, run track, swam laps, lifted weights and played Ultimate Frisbee. Plus a little boot camp, softball, pick-up football and hiking in the mountains when I’ve had the chance. I always push myself to finish strong. As I started nearing my 50th birthday [Read More...]

Relieve Stress with Yoga: Davida, Fitness Pro

Train Your Body to Relieve Stress with Yoga #withDavida   My 15-year old son is learning how to drive and the benefit to me is I get to explore the sensation of stress. As soon as we walked out of the driver’s license office with his learner’s permit he wanted to drive. We found a nearly empty parking lot and I let him have a try. After he started the ignition he mashed the gas [Read More...]

Reducing Stress: Mindfulness

Reducing Stress Can Be an Exercise in the Head #withDavida   Sit comfortably and imagine the most beautiful sunset over the mountains. Breathe in the fresh air as you envision the sun beginning to dip below the peaks. Allow your skin to feel the cooling temperature as the sun loses intensity. Hear the fading chirps of the birds at they start to settle in for the evening. Be in this moment and continue to draw [Read More...]

Best Exercise for the Brain

Dancing is the Best Exercise for the Brain #withDavida Red Alert! If you’re over 40 your brain is slowing down every day. The good news is you can, in the words of the young Taylor Swift, “shake it off”.  Scientists say they have found evidence of something I preach in my dance based classes all the time and that is learning complicated dance moves is the best exercise for the brain. Understand that “complicated” is [Read More...]

Tips on Weights and Exercises

Weight Exercises to Avoid or Do Better #withDavida   If you asked what is the biggest challenge of my job teaching exercise, I’d answer getting my participants to do the movements in a safe and correct manner. That means proper alignment with full and impervious range of motion. This is why weight machines are a good option for lifting weights as it forces you to have better form. A trainer can also give you direct [Read More...]