We provide a card that is easy to get, easy to use, and most importantly easy to save. There are no fees or other costs to obtain and keep our free prescription drug discount card.

Get the benefits of our free Easy Drug Card today!

You can use your free EASY Drug Card at 65,000+ pharmacies nationwide. Take your Easy Drug Card, along with your prescriptions, to any of our participating pharmacies and you can save up to 80% off the price of your prescriptions.

The benefits of a discount card

Discounts may vary between pharmacies but range anywhere from 0%-80% depending on the type of prescription (brand or generic) and the location of the specific pharmacy. You will receive the discounted price or the pharmacy’s usual and customary price – whichever is lowest. You can use our Drug Price Lookup tool to check the approximate cost of your medications.

How do I get a card?

We have made it easy to get your free drug card. You can download our new app to your mobile device, print a card directly to your printer, or we can text or email a card for you, your family, and even your pet to use. There are over 600 pet medications available at retail pharmacies. Our card is pre-activated and ready to use – no waiting. Use it like a coupon, it never expires and there are no limitations to the medications it covers.



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Pet Medications

Free discounts available for all pet owners on prescription medications at retail pharmacies across the U.S.

Bulk Discount Cards

We can ship multiple cards to satisfy your group or organization’s needs. Contact us with your specific needs.

Discount Iphone

Stop paying full price for your prescriptions

Easy Drug Card provides “lower-of pricing” on prescriptions. This means that when you go to the pharmacy you will be guaranteed to get the lowest possible price for your medication so you’ll never pay more using our card.


Atorvastatin still number one in the US

Atorvastatin still number one in the US

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How Long Does Rite Aid Hold Prescriptions?

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How Do Discount Drug Cards Work?

How Do Discount Drug Cards Work?

Many Americans struggle to afford their prescription drugs each month. In fact, about 24% of people say that they struggle to pay for their prescriptions, and 58% of them have to spend $100 or more per month. It seems logical that this number will only continue to...

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Discount Drug Card

Free prescription discount drug card

In addition to discounts on your prescription drugs, you may be able to receive a discount on your over the counter medications such as vitamins or nasal spray.
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