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How to Sleep Well, Even When Life is Hectic

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The amount of rest you get plays a big role in determining your overall health and performance. While you cannot control all of the factors that affect your sleep, using the following tips will greatly improve your chances of falling asleep faster and staying asleep through the night.

1. Set the scene

Your sleep problems could be solved with a simple bedroom makeover. You need three things to be comfortable: cool temperatures, quiet, and darkness. A fan, a set of earplugs, and darker window shades could help you turn an inhospitable room into a sleep haven.

2. Develop a routine

While it can feel great to turn off the alarm clock and sleep away the early morning hours on the weekends, this can actually make it harder for you to feel rested throughout the week. Developing a consistent routine and sticking to it every day will strengthen your sleep/wake cycle and help you stay asleep through the night, every night.

3. Know when to quit

The longer you lay awake in bed waiting for sleep to happen, the harder it is to get there. You need to know how to hit the restart button. To ensure you avoid those long restless nights that completely knock you off schedule, be sure to get up and do something that will calm and relax you before trying to fall asleep again. Reading a book works for many people.

4. Be more active

Daily exercise will ensure that your body is fully ready for rest when bedtime comes around. Just make sure your activity is early enough that it does not leave you overly energized at night.

5. Deal with stress

Being consistently stressed and overwhelmed is a surefire way to develop sleep problems. Getting organized, prioritizing, and asking for help from friends and loved ones are all great ways to cope when life gets hectic.

Following these five tips will help you achieve that perfect night’s rest. By creating the right atmosphere, sticking to a routine, staying active, and coping with stress, you will be on your way to better sleep at night and better performance during the day.

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