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Welcome To Our New Website!

Welcome To Our New Website!

Easy Drug Card is excited to celebrate the launch of our new website as well as the beginning of our new Healthy Living Tips blog. We are certain you’ll find this new website easier to navigate and easier to find the information you need. Be sure to check out our handy pharmacy locater, which also gives you information on drug pricing. And if you have questions about the card, you’ll want to check out our frequently asked questions page. For first-hand accounts of how much people have saved using our card, visit our testimonials page.
Welcome To Our New Website! 1
Since 2006, has been helping families and individuals get their prescriptions at a discount with our free prescription drug card. Let’s explain how it works.

It’s no secret that prescription drugs can be expensive—especially for those individuals who are not covered under insurance because they will pay more for them than insurance companies. Why is this? Insurance companies negotiate lower rates with retail pharmacies, and they pass along this savings to their members. At, we have been able to do the exact same thing, and we can pass along this savings to our customers with our free, easy-to-get prescription drug discount card. Prescriptions are affordable again!

Anyone can obtain our free prescription card, and you can use it at some 65,000+ pharmacies across the United States. You can access the card from your smart phone or other mobile device, as well as via email. The card is completely free—and there are absolutely no fees to use our drug discount card. And the card never expires, so you can use it indefinitely.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to save money on your prescriptions! Sign up today and start saving. Since we launched, we have received so much positive feedback from grateful clients who have saved hundreds of dollars. We would love to hear from you! Be sure to share your story and send it to us here.

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We know finding health insurance can be difficult and we hope this guide can help provide available resources to use today.

Pet Medications

Free discounts available for all pet owners on prescription medications at retail pharmacies across the U.S.

Bulk Discount Cards

We can ship multiple cards to satisfy your group or organization’s needs. Contact us with your specific needs.

Discount Drug Card

Free prescription discount drug card

In addition to discounts on your prescription drugs, you may be able to receive a discount on your over the counter medications such as vitamins or nasal spray.
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