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I saved $108!

I am 35, unemployed, no type of healthcare insurance. I am on antidepressant rx generic Lexapro 20mg. No way to afford the straight cost at CVS for them $119.00 for 30day supply. So yesterday I got on your website and used the price check feature for my CVS location and got a quote of 12.87 for a 30day supply. I printed out my card and went down to CVS and the actual price out of pocket I paid was $10.71 (cheaper than the website quoted)! Saved $108, almost 90% off what I would have had to pay without the card, which I could not afford to have done.



You cut my 93 dollar bill down to 45!

I get two prescriptions filled monthly..you cut my 93 dollar bill down to 45!  I get them (2 generic prescriptions) filled in Brandon, Florida at Walgreens. Your card just made my day yesterday!  The pharmacist was so surprised…she said “that’s a good one, usually those discount cards only take off a few dollars!”   I am referring you to my friends!

Allison – Brandon, FL

I Saved $200 So Far!

Dear Easy Drug Card,

I think that the EasyDrugCard is awesome it has saved me at least 200.00 so far. Thank you so much for this much needed break.
RM – Brandon, FL

I Saved a Total of $249.12

Dear Easy Drug Card,

I have no health insurance. My biggest struggle has been with the cost of all my prescriptions. I needed some sort of relief. I would say Easy Drug Card did that for me.

I saved a total of $249.12 using Easy Drug Card.

I was very skeptical about a FREE discount card. However, I used this card for all my prescriptions and found that I saved anywhere from 50% – 60% on each prescription. For example, one of the prescriptions retailed at $104.99. With Easy Drug Card the cost was $21.04. All I could say is WOW! There is no doubt in my mind that I will be using your card from now on. I highly recommend it to anyone who is willing to save a lot of money!

Thank you so much!


Nashville, TN

My Pharmacist Loves Easy Drug Card!

Dear Easy Drug Card,

I have used my card and my pharmacist said it was one of the best he had seen and when I told him it was free he was really impressed.

HK – Detroit, MI

We Saved 75%!

Dear Easy Drug Card,

Thanks very much. I saved 75% at Albertson’s in Aurora, CO on a $35 prescription. It came in handy. Thanks once again.
BO – Aurora, CO

We Saved 60%!

I used the card for the first time yesterday and saved roughly 60% of what I used to pay. Thank you!
JK – Knoxville, TN

Retired on a Fixed Income

Dear Easy Drug Card,

Hi, The one I got for my son was used and he received a 66% discount which was a big help since he is presently out of work. I checked on one of my prescriptions and the discount was about 30 %. We are very pleased with the card. Since I don’t use a lot of prescriptions per month, paying a monthly premium on one would probably cost me more overall. Since I am retired and am on a fixed income, which is mostly just social security, I really appreciate having the card. Thank you Very Much for making this card available to less fortunate people.

RP – Ellington, CT

Perfect Solution For Your Students

Dear Easy Drug Card,

I just saved $96 on a prescription for my college student daughter. I spent much of my weekend researching discount drug cards in hopes of finding a way to lower our expenses. No one else has a card that compared with yours, that I could find. THANK YOU so much for caring enough to make this discount card available to those in need.

KD – Greenville, SC