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Most Common Reasons Teens Use Prescription Medications

Our teenage years are some of our most vulnerable when it comes to illnesses, infections, and diseases. These are the years when our bodies are changing, and emotions are high. Many teens often see a doctor to be prescribed medication that has to do with skin conditions, mental faculties, and contraception, and while it may seem like a reason to feel embarrassed; you’re not alone! These are the most common reasons adolescents are prescribed medications.

1. Reducing and Improving Acne

teen holding medication

Teenage years are full of raging hormones and bodily changes. Sometimes, those hormones cause breakouts, or acne. Some teenagers may be lucky enough to skate by with a measly pimple here or there, while others suffer from severe acne that needs to be treated by prescription medications. Prescription acne medication comes in the form of topical antibiotics, oral antibiotics, and hormonal therapy.

2. Controlling Chronic Health Conditions

Prescription drug discounts reduce the fear of paying for high priced medications prescribed by a physician who may recommend medications for chronic conditions that affect daily living. A teenager can have diabetes mellitus that requires insulin injections throughout the day. Occasionally, teenagers have mental conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression or hyperactivity that requires medication prescribed by a physician. These medications are vital to help teenagers live a normal lifestyle that includes attending school or working a job.

3. Reducing Fever and Nausea from Influenza

Teens receiving prescription drug are a common occurrence while they are in college due to the confined living spaces in residence halls. College students live in close quarters while sharing restrooms and showers, increasing the risk of spreading infectious conditions such as influenza and foot fungus.

4. Medications for Sport Injuries and Dental Emergencies

Like adults, teenagers may have emergency health problems. If an emergency condition presents itself, a teenager may need immediate pain medications or antibiotics. This is especially true after wisdom teeth removal by a dentist. In addition, many teenagers develop respiratory or throat infections such as tonsillitis, bronchitis or strep throat, requiring access to antibiotics as quickly as possible. Teenagers in middle or high school are often involved in sport activities that cause injuries to the arms or knees that cause intense discomfort that requires anti-inflammatory medications and pain relievers.

Teenagers are not as resilient and immune as they think they are. When the need arises for prescription medications, shouldn’t this medication be affordable? Easy Drug Card offers a free coupon card for savings on many medications, including Isotretinoin discounts and more.

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