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How Long Does Costco Hold Prescriptions?

Costco has created a convenient place to do bulk grocery shopping if you are a member, but even non-members can utilize their pharmacy to get prescriptions. There are many locations throughout the United States, making Costco a popular choice as a pharmacy. So when you use this store to get your medications, how long does Costco hold prescriptions? 

How Long Does Costco Hold Prescriptions?

Most Costco pharmacies will hold a prescription for 14 days. In many cases, you will relieve a reminder if your prescription is going to be restocked. Costco may allow you to arrange a later date if you cannot pick up for prescription within the 14-day window. 

Will Costco Remind Me To Pick Up My Prescription?

Costco offers refill reminders as well as pick-up reminders once your prescription is ready for pick-up. If you are signed up for this service through Costco, you will receive either a text message, phone call or email. Costco also offers an auto-refill program to ensure you never run out of medication. You can set this service up to deliver to your home if you’d like. 

Get Home Delivery Prescriptions with Costco

Costco offers a unique home delivery pharmacy for Costco members. You can order your prescriptions to be delivered from the privacy of your home and have them arrive on your doorstep anywhere from two to fourteen days, depending on the delivery option you choose with Costco. With this home delivery pharmacy option, prescriptions can be filled and refilled online at 24 hours a day and delivered anywhere in the United States. Costco also offers various non-prescription items for delivery, such as herbal supplements, vitamins, and health monitors to help you manage your health with ease and convenience. 

How Much Do Prescriptions Cost at Costco?

Costco pharmacies tend to be very competitive when it comes to prescription pricing. You can save even more on prescriptions at Costco if you are a pharmacy program member (you don’t need to be a full Costco member to use the pharmacy). If you join the Costco Member Prescription Program, you can receive discounts on all prescription medications and some over-the-counter medications as well. You will need to pay your prescription membership dues to get member discounts.

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