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hand clenching moneyDo you pay a lot for your prescriptions every month? Do you wish that you can get an RX discount so that you could use your money for things that you enjoy, instead of spending it on the medications that keep you healthy?

Have you heard of Easy Drug Card? Our goal is to help people just like you save on every RX prescription that they have to fill. We are an RX discount card available to anyone, including people just like you. Whether you have insurance or not, our card can help you save money. We have contracted with over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide to help you save money on the medications you need every day.

The Easy Drug Card RX Discount Process

You don’t have to sign up to get our card. You don’t have to go through a waiting period or be evaluated for pre-existing conditions. None of that matters here. Instead, you simply download your card, receive it by text message or email, or even use our handy app. That’s all there is to getting your RX discount card.

Once you have the card, it’s easy to use, too. Simply use our online tool to find pharmacies near you that take our card. You can put in your exact location, or just use a city or zip code. The tool will tell you all of the pharmacies in your area that work with our cards. Then, you can input the medications you need to pick up. You’ll be able to see prices at each of your nearby participating pharmacies. That way, you can choose the lowest prices for your medications.

Do keep in mind that these prices change all the time. You may want to call a pharmacy to make sure they will give you a low price. You may also want to utilize the tool every time you need to get your prescriptions, just to make sure you’re still getting the best RX discount for you.

When you’ve chosen your pharmacy, simply present them with your prescription. You can have them run the price through your insurance, then check the Easy Drug Card price, too. That way, you’ll be sure to get the best RX prescription price. You can’t stack your Easy Drug Card discount on top of your insurance discount, but you can get the one that is lower.

After that, simply wait for your prescription to be filled. When you check out with it, present your RX discount card to the pharmacist. They will let you pay the discounted price – up to 80% off!!

It really is that easy to get an RX discount on your next prescription. We want the process to be as simple and straightforward as possible, so as many people as possible can benefit from this card. If you get an RX discount that you enjoy, let your family and friends know about Easy Drug Card, too. That way, you can all save together! Doesn’t everyone you love deserve an RX discount card that will help them out?

About Easy Drug Card

Easy Drug Card's free prescription discount card helps make prescriptions affordable for everyone who is uninsured or under-insured. Use the free prescription savings card at over 65,000 pharmacies. Operates like a coupon! Ready to use!