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RX Drug Card

Looking for the best RX Drug Card in America? You’ve come to the right place for savings. We have been providing substantial savings on all prescription medications at local retail pharmacies since 2006 and are proud to serve our community with continued savings today.

With the continued rise in the cost of prescription drugs, our RX Drug Card keeps prices in check. Users save on both brand and generic drugs when using EasyDrugCard for all their prescription needs. But don’t just take our word for it. Look through our Rx Drug Card customer testimonials, and you’ll see for yourself how we provide the best Rx Drug Card in the industry!

When you use your Rx Drug Card, you will get savings through our retail pharmacy network of 65,000+ pharmacies across America including Walgreens, CVS, and Rite-Aid. We boast one of the largest networks so you can find a participating retail location near you. Use our convenient full-featured pharmacy locator and drug pricing tool to find the savings you deserve. Our RX Drug card is accepted at all the major retail chains and most independently owned pharmacies through the nation. With this many pharmacies, there is sure to be a pharmacy near you.

Our RX drug card is not just for the uninsured. Even if you have health insurance with your employer, you can take advantage of the savings offered. Due to the limits placed on employer plans like quantity limits, refill too soon edits, or simply ‘drug not covered’ (on lifestyle drugs for instance), people have been getting the medication they need when using our RX Drug Card.

No Limits

There are no limits on the drugs that are covered. In fact, there are over 65,000+ prescription drugs covered in our program. Although discounts vary depending on the drug and specific pharmacy, most users experience significant savings when using our card – plus – it’s absolutely free to participate.

Download your free Rx Drug Card today. We have provided several convenience ways to get your card. You can download our app to you Android or Iphone, we can text a card directly to you, we will send a card in an email, or you can use your home printer to create a card and use it immediately. We have made getting our card easy to use as well. Simply show your card to your pharmacist when filling your prescriptions – it’s that easy to save! The pharmacist will give you lowest price when using our card. We have pre-negoitated discounts on your behalf.

The cards are pre-activated and never expire. Get one for yourself or for every member of your family. The Rx Drug Card was created to help make the high cost of medications affordable again. Like all drug, generics tend to provide the best deal and largest discounts.

EasyDrugCard is not insurance so there are no enrollment fees to use your Rx Drug Card. And, unlike insurance, there are no deductibles or exclusions and no concerns about pre-existing conditions.