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Add Movement to Your Weekend Workout!

Workout: Something is Better than Nothing

A Weekend Workout Better than Nothing


As my children get older and my responsibilities grow I realize my time is more valuable than money. Where I used to teach extra fitness classes for the fun of it, I now consider if the money I’m paid is worth pulling me away from other obligations. So when people say they don’t have time to exercise, I get it.

But this is your health we’re talking about! I always tell people if you don’t make time for your health and fitness now, you’ll be making time for doctor’s appointments later.

With this in mind the medical journal JAMA Internal Medicine reported a bit of good news this month, even a little exercise will probably help you live longer.

  • The general guidelines for exercise to keep your heart healthy and avoid various maladies are 150 minutes a week or 30 minutes of sweating on most days.
  • But this report by researchers at Loughborough University in England interviewed 64,000 adults in 1994 to 2008 about their fitness habits.
  • With about an eighth of them passed away by last year researchers determined those who only exercised on weekends or less than that, still lived longer than those who did nothing at all.
  • They also confirmed those who exercised at or above the guidelines are living longer.

So if you’re working long hours and too tired to workout during the week don’t throw in the towel on the weekend. Get up and do something.

  • Even if you cannot eek out two and half hours of activity,
  • go for a short walk. Swim a few laps at the gym pool.
  • Play golf.
  • Even a 30 minute game of bowling is way more activity than sitting on the couch.
Add Movement to Your Weekend Workout!

Add Movement to Your Weekend Workout!

There are other little bits of workout activities that can count too.

-Park far away from the door of the grocery store.

-Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Going to the 20th floor? Take the elevator to the 10th or 15th floor.

-Turn on the music and dance while your cooking

-Wash your car by hand

-Mow your own lawn and shovel your own sidewalk

-Take every opportunity to MOVE instead of sitting down

My husband and I have a rule, if we’re going anywhere in our neighborhood (at least a half mile long) we walk or ride our bikes instead of driving.

If you’ve been trying to workout regularly, please don’t use this report as an excuse to slow down or skip days.

There is much research confirming exercise improves quality of life. Such as lower blood pressure, stronger core and muscles for balance, preventing diabetes. There’s also a lower percentage of depression and dementia among other blessings.

The body is made to move and you have to use it or lose it. I’m inspired by my older friends at the gym who are in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. They’re doing great because they are doing a workout, at the gym, moving and grooving.

Don’t give up or slow down on a workout and you’ll have a better chance of spending time with your grand and great-grand children. Consult with your physician when starting a new exercise routine.


JAMA Internal Medicine:


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Davida Wright Galvin

Davida is a fitness professional and former award winning health and science television reporter. As a mother and wife she juggles the daily challenges of raising three children, working and staying active. She likes to make fitness fun and helping people find joy in exercise so we can cure the obesity epidemic in our country. UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, BACHELOR OF ARTS, Journalism; Certifications (Present and Past): AFAA Group Training, BodyPump, Zumba, Balletone, SCW Personal Training Certification, Turbo Kickboxing, YMCA Personal Training Certification, Vegas Stiletto Fitness, Reebok Core Board Training Certification, CPR/AED & Infant CPR; YMCA Fitness Instructor Certification




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