ClickCease What To Do When the Pharmacy Is Closed & You Need A Rx
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What To Do When The Pharmacy Is Closed And You Need A Prescription

What to do when the Pharmacy is closed and You need a prescription

Unless you live near a 24-hour pharmacy there are a few steps you can take to make sure you have the medications you need when you need them.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Ask your doctor if they have samples of the medication they prescribed to cover the gap when the pharmacy is closed. Some physicians have samples to get your started, especially antibiotics that you need to start taking right away – so always ask.

Obviously, the best thing you can do is allow yourself plenty of time to get a refill of maintenance medication. Most larger mail order pharmacies will automatically send you a refill but if they don’t, sign up for their auto-refill program especially for long-term maintenance medications.

What To Do When The Pharmacy Is Closed And You Need A Prescription

What To Do When The Pharmacy Is Closed And You Need A Prescription

Avoid delays in getting refills. Some pharmacies use technology like Walgreens and Rite-Aid to send you reminders when you are about to run out of medication and will send you a notice to get your prescription filled or refill it automatically.

If you have a smart phone, set a reminder 7-10 days before you’re out of medications by creating an appointment in your calendar and add an alert or two so you’re reminded more than once.

Write a note or keep the prescription bottle on your counter instead of in the cabinet as a further reminder to call the doctor to get a refill. Make sure however to keep all prescriptions out of reach of children.

The best time to visit the pharmacy is early in the morning before the doctor’s offices begin to call-in prescriptions. Also, avoid Mondays – especially after a holiday. Speaking of holidays, make sure you have enough medication on hand to avoid the after-holiday rush at the pharmacy.

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