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Tips to Save Money on Your Prescriptions

pig piggy bank with dollars

If you’re like most people, you don’t have the money to pay full price for your prescriptions. Whether or not you have insurance coverage, medication can get really expensive and it can be difficult to figure out how to save money on some products. Some manufacturers hand out coupons like candy, but others seem to keep them close to their chest or seem to make it hard to fulfill the specifications for the coupons to work.

Outside of coupons and medical insurance, it may seem impossible to save money on your prescriptions. However, you can still save money with a prescription drug card. Our card, Easy Drug Card, is simple and straightforward to use and so you can save money, time, and energy all in one.

Find a Pharmacy

Your first step toward using Easy Drug Card to save on your prescriptions is to find a pharmacy near you. Just go to our Pharmacy Locator, enter your address and the desired driving radius, and search for pharmacies in your area that take our card. The majority of people living in the United States will find pharmacies nearby that are willing to work with Easy Drug Card.

Find Your Medication

On the same page, continue on to Step 2. Enter your drug’s name in the specified box. You should just type a few letters before it makes suggestions for you. Be sure that you choose the right drug and the right strength, based on your prescription or what you are currently taking. Enter the quantity, too, then have it search.

To find your medication prices, scroll down. Under each pharmacy listed, it should tell you how much your medication will be if you buy it there with our card. Choose the one that balances location and cost best, and take or transfer your prescription there.

Get Your Easy Drug Card

Once you’ve confirmed that Easy Drug Card works at a pharmacy near you and that you can get your medication for a reasonable price, it’s time to get your card. You can download a card and cut it out to put in your wallet, have it texted to you, or get our app on your phone. No matter the method of delivery, the card is free and there is no registration or anything else necessary before you use it.

Use Your Card

Take your card to the pharmacy with you and show it to the pharmacist. It should have all of the information they need to get you the discounts that you want and need. If they have any questions, there are numbers on the card and accompanying paperwork that they can call to get things figured out.

In the end, many people find Easy Drug Card the simplest way to save money on their medications. Keep yours with you all the time, in case you lose your medication or have some urgent need to get a prescription filled. Because it is not insurance, Easy Drug Card avoids many of the hassles and requirements that those companies have. It makes it simple and easy to get the medications you need.

Save up to 80% on your prescriptions


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