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Learn about prescription drug safety

Important Tips for Prescription Drug Safety


Prescription drug errors do happen. Oftentimes when you mistakenly take the wrong prescription or incorrect dosage there are usually little or no side effects. Sometimes however, a mistake can cause harm to yourself or a loved one.  It is very important to be aware of our own health needs and the prescription drugs given to you by your medical professional.  Learning about your medications and understanding your dosage is very important to avoiding mistakes! Here are some prevention tips for maintaining prescription drug safety:

Problem – Difficulty Swallowing Your Medication

If you are having difficulty swallowing your medication, do not crush, break, chew, or mix the capsule or tablet into something you are going to eat or drink. Changing your tablet or capsule by crushing it or mixing it can cause a serious side effect. Some of your prescription drugs are time-released and the medication from that prescription drug will be released too fast. Other prescription medications will either not work as they are supposed to or may even make you sick if you alter the tablet or capsule to swallow it more easily.

Learn about prescription drug safety

Learn about prescription drug safety


If you are having difficulty with swallowing your medications, speak to your medical professional about the problem. Ask your medical doctor or pharmacist at your local pharmacy if the prescription drug is available in a different form, such as a liquid. Do not crush, break, mix or manipulate your capsule or tablet without first getting approval from your medical doctor or pharmacist.  Their expertise is crucial to determine how to best address your issue of difficulty with swallowing your prescriptions.  There are many different medications in different forms and sizes which your medical professional or pharmacist can recommend for you to take as an alternative to your current medication.


Some prescription drugs are longer acting or have a time released feature which has a special mechanism to release the medication over a period of time.  That special time released mechanism can by destroyed or changed if you alter the prescription drug. Oftentimes, those time released medications have the name of the prescription drug with the letters “LA” (long acting), “SR” (sustained release), “CR” (controlled released), etc. If the prescription drug is designed to be taken over a certain time schedule or only once a day, you must swallow the capsule or tablet or capsule in its prescribed form for the medication to function correctly. This also applies to medication which is over-the-counter, whether or not it is long lasting.

Another tip is to take your prescription drugs with water instead of liquids, such as, juices. Some juices might affect how the actual medication works. Some drugs like Lipitor, for instance, have an adverse reaction to grapefruit juice.

These important tips will help you take your medication as prescribed and avoid any possible complications and/or side effects when taking your prescription drugs.  Be sure to always consult with your medical professional and pharmacist to get advice on your medications.  They can also assist you with any possible interactions between prescription drugs you are currently taking and the new prescription drug prescribed by your doctor.

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 It is important to make sure you take your Prescription Drug's correctly.

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