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how do pharmacy discount cards work?

Prescription Discount Cards: How Do They Work?

how do pharmacy discount cards work?Most people have heard of prescription discount cards, but a lot of people wonder if they really work. Can getting discounts on prescription drugs really be as simple as showing a card at the pharmacy? Doesn’t there have to be some sort of catch? Maybe it’s all a scam…

The truth is, prescription discount cards really do work! Here’s how we manage to get you discounts simply by showing your Easy Drug Card at a participating pharmacy.

We make deals with pharmaceutical companies, just like prescription insurance does. That’s how you get a discount when you use an insurance card, and it’s also how you get a discount when you work with us, too. We also contract with certain pharmacies, so our discounts are honored there. Again, any RX insurance you might have or have had in the past did the exact same thing.

The difference is that Easy Drug Card works for everyone. You don’t have to qualify and there aren’t any pre-existing conditions that can keep you from getting your discount with us. All you have to do is print out your card, show it on your phone, or get our app and present that at the pharmacy when you get your prescriptions. You’ll automatically get our negotiated, lower drug price and save money.

You will want to make sure that you are going to a participating pharmacy. We have a tool, right here on our site, where you can input your current location and it will give you all of the pharmacies that we work with within a certain distance. We work with over 65,000+ pharmacies, so most people can find one that’s within an easy distance from their home or work.

You can also put in your prescriptions. Make sure you have the bottle in front of you, because you’ll want to put in the strength of your medication, the dosage, and any other pertinent information. Once you put that in, you’ll be able to see your Easy Drug Card price at all of the pharmacies in your area. Choose the one that is the cheapest, and you’ll have even more extra money to spend on something else.

When you go to the pharmacy, you can let your pharmacist know right away that you’re going to get the Easy Drug Card discount, or you can let them know later. If you also have medical insurance that covers prescriptions, you may want to check the price of your prescription through both and go with the one that will cost you less. You can’t use both discounts at once, but you can choose the one that saves you money.

We want Easy Drug Card to be as simple and straightforward to use as possible, so many people can benefit from our discounted prices. We’ll help you figure out how it works in order to keep as much money as possible in your pocket. Get all the prescriptions you need without worrying and without paying too much. Figure out how Easy Drug Card works and make it work for you today!

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