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Motivation comes from Within You

Motivation – 5 Apps For People Who Just Can’t Get It!


Some people have motivation…and we may secretly resent these people who have that motivation. Sometimes we just can’t seem to tap into the same unlimited source of motivation that they seem to have. If you find yourself struggling to get the motivation to start or to keep going on any given day, this post is for you.

Your smartphone can actually be a great source for tools and resources on motivation. There are a number of apps that are designed to boost productivity and motivation while eliminating the urge to procrastinate.

No, Netflix and Candy Crush are not one of the apps.

Once your goals turn into habits, the hard part is done!

Motivation comes from Within You!

Motivation comes from Within You!

Balanced — Goals & habits motivation for better life balance

Available On: iOS, Android
Cost: FREE
We’ve talked about the benefits of tracking your progress and encouraging you to stay motivated. It’s been shown to increase the chances that you’ll actually succeed at your goal. Balanced is a simply designed app that does just that: allows you to track any given task that you assign yourself. It has reminders as well.

Good Habit Maker

Available On: iOS, Android
Cost: FREE
This app allows you to set up some simple ways to stay focused on things that are important for you to change and to become positive habits. It sends out reminders and positive messages to encourage you in your progress towards your goals.

Inspirational and Motivational Quotes – Daily Quote of the Day

Available On: iOS, Android
Cost: FREE
This is an app with daily motivational and inspiring quotes given to you on a daily basis.  You can set up when you want to be notified of the quote.


Available On: iOS, Android
Cost: FREE
This app is a must have for anyone who is trying to monitor calories and exercise. MyFitnessPal makes it super easy for you to track what you eat with its huge directory of just about any food that you can imagine. Fast foot and restaurants are also included.

You can also log your exercise to track how many calories you burn. The app can sync with a number of different fitness trackers so that you can seamlessly import your activity without switching from app-to-app.
If the app notices that you haven’t logged your food or activity, it’ll give you an alert (which is able to be toggled off, if you don’t want it) so that you remember to do it on the days where life takes over.


Available On: iOS, Android
Cost: FREE
While it’s incredibly rewarding in the long run, building new habits isn’t what you would consider fun. HabitRPG aims to change that and does a pretty good job of it. Instead of it being just a goal and habit tracker, HabitRPG is modeled to function like a Role-Playing-Game. In the “game”, as you complete daily tasks that you program for yourself, you advance levels and unlock rewards.
Conversely, if you consistently don’t achieve your goals or stop logging them, you lose points, rewards, and could have your character die. If you’re a big fan of games, or even if you’re looking for a way to track goals that’s more fun than it is work, then HabitRPG just may be what you need to get things done.


Available On: iOS, Android
Cost: Free (ad based)
This one goes in line with the proven fact that tracking your goals in smaller, measurable days of accomplishments makes you more likely to succeed. These fitness based apps allow you to focus on different areas of your body. There’s a 30 Day Abs Challenge, a 30 Day Squat Challenge, a 30 Day Lifting Challenge, and more. It’s very easy to use, you just select the day that you’re working on, the app gives you clear directions, and then you check off boxes as you complete them. Each day that you complete earns you a green circle.

These are a couple options that you may want to check out. Also, look in the App Store or Google Play for other apps which may work for you to help you achieve your goals!

Determine your goals and then pick the best resources to assist you to achieve that goal!





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