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How To Check Drug Prices Online

woman smiling while working online with a tabletAre you interested in using Easy Drug Card but wondering if it would really save you money? That’s a legitimate question. After all, you’re a busy person and you could use the time that it would take to download our card to check something off your ToDo list.

We understand that you need to know how the card will help you before you’re willing to put your valuable time and energy into using it. That’s why we created our Drug Pricing tool. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial to using it so you can figure out how much Easy Drug Card can save you and determine for yourself whether it’s worth your while to start using it today.

Find a Pharmacy

Before you check the prices of your drugs, you’ll want to figure out if there is a pharmacy that takes Easy Drug Card within a reasonable distance of your home. After all, you don’t want to drive forever to pick up your prescriptions. However, we contract with so many pharmacies that nearly everyone can find a place that will work for them. You can use our pharmacy locator tool to figure this out. 

Enter your address where it tells you to. Then, determine how far you’re willing to drive to get your prescriptions. You can choose anywhere from 3 to 50 miles. This radius is up to you. If you live rurally, you may be used to driving quite a ways to get what you need. If you are an urban dweller, your preferred radius is probably shorter.

Hit the “Search” button and scroll down. Our tool will generate a list of participating pharmacies inside your search radius. You can use your card at any of them.

Check Drug Prices

Next, it’s time to see how much you will pay for your medications at each of the pharmacies in your area. Simply type the name of the medication into the box under “Build Your Drug Pricing List.” You can usually type a few letters, then the computer will give you options. Be sure that you choose the drug that is the proper strength for you, based on the prescription you have from your doctor.

After that, enter the quantity in the next box. This is the number of pills that you can buy at one time, based on your prescription. Monthly prescriptions are usually written for 30 pills, but some doctors will write you a 90-day prescription for a drug you take continually. Other medications, like antibiotics, will be filled based on how many pills you need for 7-10 days.

Once you’ve put in all of your data, click the “Add to List” button. Scroll down, and the price of the medication should show up under each pharmacy.

Keep in mind that both participating pharmacies and drug prices fluctuate all the time. Our tool is great for informational purposes, but you will want to check with the pharmacy, before you purchase your medication, to ensure that they take Easy Drug Card and to determine what your price will be for you medication on that day.

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