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Health Insurance Options: Lost My Insurance

Health Insurance Options when:

“I’ve Lost my insurance, now what?”

If you’ve recently lost your health insurance through your employer or have been dropped by your insurance carrier there are health insurance options available to you for Medical Care and Prescriptions.

Although uninsured Americans have a tougher time finding affordable medical care than those with insurance, that doesn’t mean you don’t have health insurance options.

Here are 5 Tips on Health Insurance Options:

  • Check your Medicaid eligibility.

Medicaid eligibility is largely determined by your income, your household size, and depends on where you live. Although its geared toward the low-income earners and the disabled, each state differs in how it manages its Medicaid program and eligibility. If you have children and earn too much for Medicaid yourself, they may be eligible for coverage. Learn how to find free or low-cost health insurance for your kids and teens. Visit your state’s Medicaid website or get started on to explore your health insurance options.

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Tips for Health Insurance Options!

  • Look for cash-only doctors and medical providers.

With the heavy administrative burdens of managing insurance relationships some doctors have decided not to accept insurance at all! This is one of the  non health insurance options. These medical providers are called cash-only clinics, direct primary care or concierge-based medicine. By dealing directly with cash-paying patients means these doctors get money without having to go through the bureaucracy of insurance claims and contracts. Some offer monthly payment plans to keep them on a retainer, while others operate similarly to other clinics. “Where can I find a cash-only or cash-friendly doctor?”

  • Make use of community health clinics.

Community Health Clinics offer sliding fee scales and services specifically for the uninsured. Research shows that many of these cost-friendly clinics perform as well, if not better, than private-practice clinics. According to the Department of Health and Human Resources, the ACA is contributing $11 billion over 5 years (unless Trumpcare intervenes) towards expansion and additional staffing for these clinics, which offer sliding-fee scales and special services specifically geared toward the uninsured.

  • Negotiate medical bills after the fact.

Even if you’ve been a savvy consumer and taken cost-savings steps in advance, be aware when dealing with medical costs after the fact. Many medical practices and hospitals frequently offer discounts for customers who pay in cash. Let them know about your situation and negotiate your medical bills low to a lower balance and see if you can work out an affordable payment plan.

  • Save on the other high cost item – your Medications.

Most medical visits to a provider conclude with a prescription or two – one to treat your condition and one to treat your symptoms. Be sure to continue your healthcare savings quest by getting our free prescription drug savings card or download our free drug savings mobile app for your iPhone or Android device. Our card provides savings off the pharmacy’s cash price for over 65,000 medications and is accepted at virtually all pharmacies.

If you’re one of the increasing number of individuals going without health insurance you don’t have to sacrifice your health or your wallet. Doing some research to find and use the resources available to you can translate into a healthier body for you and your family.

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We know finding health insurance can be difficult and we hope this guide can help provide available resources to use today.

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