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Can A Pharmacist Refuse To Fill A Prescription?

Can a Pharmacist Refuse to Fill a Prescription?

There are very few legitimate reasons for a pharmacist to refuse to fill a prescription however some do exist. A pharmacist can refuse to fill a valid, on-time, prescription if doing so would harm the patient. The pharmacist should give you a very specific rationale and explain why they believe filling the prescription may put you in harms way.

A refusal to fill a prescription may occur because of the pharmacy’s policies or due to the pharmacist’s professional discretion. Sometimes, because of drug wholesaler rationing, the amount of control medications simply isn’t available. Some pharmacists are instructed to tell the patient they are out of a certain controlled substance, like pain medication, if they suspect abuse.

Can a pharmacist refuse to fill a prescription?

The software pharmacies use often warn the pharmacist of potentially harmful drug-to-drug interactions, allergies, or unusually high dosages not normally applied to certain medication. This may impact whether or not a prescription is filled. Contact your doctor with questions you have about your medications and any potential interactions. Be sure to inform your doctor of all medications you are taking.

If you have a disability, the failure of the pharmacist to fill your valid, on time, control medications prescription is a violation of your civil rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act. You may file a complaint here.

More often than not the pharmacist has a legitimate reason for refusing to fill your prescription however, if you do not agree with the pharmacists reasoning, you should complain to the corporate office or visit their website.

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