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Reassess Your Goals

Are your Goals for the Year Coming Up Short? Don’t Give-Up!

Try a Quarterly Check-In of your 2015 Goals and Resolutions

It’s already the beginning of April. That means that the first quarter of 2015 is gone and a large majority of people have thrown away the New Year’s Resolutions they hoped would stick. A select few have succeeded in creating new habits, and are continuing on their journey to a better self.

If you’re one of the people in the majority and your resolutions have fallen by the wayside, you’re not the only one. In fact, research shows that about 8% of people actually keep their New Year’s Resolutions. That means that 92% give up, fall short, or don’t succeed in the resolution department.

Now that the first quarter of the year is over, it’s the perfect opportunity to do what is called a “Quarterly Check-In.” This is when you take the time to assess where you are, how far you’ve come, and yes, how far you have left to go. A quarterly check-in is a relatively easy process and can be a sure-fire way to get you back on track.

Reassess Your Goals!

Reassess Your Goals!

Here’s how to conduct a quarterly check-in with yourself:

1. Re-visit what your resolution(s) were

If you didn’t write them down the first time around, write them down this time. If the resolutions that you made for the New Year are still things that you want to conquer, then keep them on your list.

2. Assess what you did to try and succeed at your New Year’s Resolution

If you aimed to not consume sugar or to lose weight, identify what you did to try to reach your goals. Did you follow a certain eating plan? Did you decide to go on a diet? How far did you make it?
Assess what changes you tried that did not work. Did you ever wonder why some people lose massive amounts of weight on one diet, while others find success with another? It’s all about YOU and how you adjust to those changes.

3. Adjust your goal – drop the negative and create a positive

Research shows that when the brain is presented with a negative, it will do the exact opposite. For those of you who have children, you can probably relate to this; somehow “Don’t eat these cookies” translates to “Eat the cookies when no one is looking.” We chalk it up to disobedience, but it’s actually the brain and willpower responding. If your goal was to “Not eat sugar”, your brain automatically drops the “Not” and urges you to eat sugar. Instead of “Not eat sugar”, make your resolution or goal into a positive statement: “Eat healthier” or “Eat only foods that are low in sugar or sugar-free”.

4. Create a new plan for achieving your goals

Remember, your last approach didn’t work. If it did, you wouldn’t be here! You need a new plan of attack. Instead of following the current plan to achieve your goal, try out a new one. Consider doing meal prep on Sundays or locate some new recipes online. Ask friends or family who may have achieved your goal and think about making them an accountability partner; someone whom you can check in with and report your goals and successes.

5. Schedule a Second Quarter Check-In for yourself

The second quarter of 2015 will wrap up on June 30th. Put a reminder into your phone or planner to chart your progress. Ask your family member or friend to encourage you as you move forward each week. Take a look at the end of the second quarter to reassess where you are, what’s changed, and how much you’ve progressed.

6. Remember: You did not fail. Resolutions are a trial and error process

Again, resolutions hardly ever stick the first time around. If they did, we’d all be perfect human beings and wouldn’t need to set resolutions in the first place. Everyone needs to try, fail, and then try again. The problem comes when people don’t rise again after they fall. They give up.

 Begin again…take the first step again toward your goals…that’s half the battle…Showing up for yourself!

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