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5 Tips to Get Moving for the New Year

As the new year begins, many people have set goals to exercise more regularly. We know that regular exercise leads to a healthier life, but getting into a workout routine can be challenging, especially if you have never exercised before. Exercising is an essential factor of a healthy lifestyle and should be part of everyone’s daily routine. Here are some tips for exercise beginners.

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1. Set Achievable Goals.

If you have decided to start exercising, it’s important to set some fitness goals. The longer lasting goals are specific to your lifestyle. If you are just starting to exercise after 15 years of inactivity, you can’t expect yourself to be able to run three miles immediately. Ease into it. Go at your own pace. Pay attention to your body. If you set goals too large, you’ll be discouraged very quickly. Set weekly goals that allow you room to progress but aren’t unreachable.

2. Stick to a Routine.

When you start working out, you should pick an activity that you enjoy and are capable of doing. Choosing an exercise that fits your taste will help you stick to the routine. There are so many options out there for beginners. Look at local fitness centers to find a class you can enjoy or make up your own routine. Enjoying your exercise will reduce stress levels and encourage you to get up and move. Once you have an activity, set a time goal. Pick the minutes per day and the days per week.

3. Commit to the Change.

When you’ve decided on the best time for you to exercise, write it down and incorporate it into your weekly routine. Starting to exercise can completely change your lifestyle. Exercising is great for your physical and mental health, so it should be something that is considered a priority, especially when you’re just starting out. Set a routine for three or four weeks to create the habit. When you commit to sticking to a routine, it’ll be more difficult to talk yourself out of exercising. After the first few weeks are completed, make goals for the next month. Being active gets easier if you keep up the momentum of goals.

4. Don’t Be Discouraged

Don’t expect getting in shape to be easy. There will be days when you have no desire to workout—everyone has those days. Eventually, you will be set in a routine you hardly think about. Even with a rocky start or a few bad days, when you exercise regularly, you will feel happy and healthy.

5. Be Careful…

Make sure that you consult your physician about whether or not exercising is right for you and your particular medical history. Once you’ve gotten the “all clear” from your medical professional for your desired exercise, get up and move! Enjoy your new exercise regimen and the mental and physical health benefits.

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Marianne Morgan

Marianne is CEO at Easy Drug Card. She has a Master’s degree in Counseling and over 20 years as a Human Resources executive, with extensive experience in leadership, healthcare, employee empowerment and consulting. She is passionate about encouraging individuals and families to take charge of their healthcare and believes this leads people to make informed, wise decisions about their overall health.




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