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Sneaky Ways to add Vegetables

For some, eating vegetables falls into the same category as eating worms….not happening. We know that they have incredible health benefits, but the benefits don’t always trump the fact that they’re vegetables! Here are some ways to get the biggest vegetable-hater to consume them and actually enjoy them.

  1. Zucchini and carrots are quite versatile. Finely grate them into breads, muffins, and oatmeal cookies. If your picky-eater will spot the shreds, puree them instead!
  2. Food Network chef and host, Giada De Laurentiis sneaks carrots and celery into her homemade marinara sauce. Feel free to puree before adding to ensure they’re undetectable.
  3. Puree steamed beets and add them to brownies and/or chocolate cake! They add a sweet flavor, rich color, and moist texture. They can also replace half of the oil without compromising texture.
  4. Puree butternut squash and add it to macaroni and cheese. It will make your cheese sauce go much further while adding Vitamin A and fiber!
  5. Puree broccoli (or any veggie) and add it to meatballs and burgers. You won’t taste it—I promise. It will add volume and juiciness to your meat.
  6. Add a handful of greens to your chocolate protein smoothie. Add additional unsweetened cocoa powder to maintain the chocolaty appearance.   The greens will be disguised when blended, but they’ll add fiber and keep you satisfied all morning.
  7. Puree cauliflower or celery root and add it to potato or any other cream-based soup. The white color will blend right in, providing additional fiber and vitamins. You won’t need to use as much cream/milk either!
Vegetables in Your Daily Diet!

Vegetables in Your Daily Diet!

If you haven’t noticed…pureeing vegetables is the recurring theme.

Texture is one of the top reasons why people dislike vegetables. Pureeing does away with any texture-phobia and, when added to other foods, the flavor disappears taking care of any flavor-aversions.

I’ve got you covered Give these vegetables a try! 

About Danielle Sikorski

Danielle is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Personal Trainer residing in Anchorage, Alaska. She received her B.S. in Nutrition, Dietetics and Foods Science from California State University at Northridge. As an athlete, Danielle was initially drawn to Nutrition because she desired to learn how to best fuel her body for optimal performance. However, after becoming a Dietitian, her focus has broadened. After a Lyme and autoimmune disease diagnosis, she has learned the role that food can play in healing the body. She now works with clients with a variety of goals ranging from sports performance, Food Intolerance, Autoimmue, to Weight loss. ******In her spare time she loves running to clear her mind and also enjoys cooking with her husband. ---------------EDUCATION & CERTIFICATIONS: • B.S. in Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Science • Internship at University Medical Center in Las Vegas, NV specializing in Medical Nutrition Therapy in the ICU, Pediatric ICU, Cancer Center, Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes Education • Internship at W.I.C. specializing in pre and post-natal Nutrition • RD, RDN by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics