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How To Pick Up Prescriptions From The Pharmacy

Like most people, making a trip to the pharmacy can be a necessary inconvenience. We’re all in a hurry so making the best use of your time is key.

The best days and times to visit your pharmacy

The busiest days at the pharmacy tend to vary by location however Tuesdays through Thursdays are the least busiest times. Wait times are shorter and if you have questions, your pharmacist will be better able to spend time to talk over your concerns. Also, avoid the first and last days of the month – they tend to be the busiest.

According to PharmacyTimes.com the best times to pick up your prescriptions are between 10:00am-Noon and 2:00pm-4:00pm. This avoids the morning and lunch time rushes and the early morning physician calls to the pharmacy.

If available, use the pharmacy’s pick-up window to drop off and pick up your prescriptions.

How To Pick Up Prescriptions From The Pharmacy

Still too busy?

You can have a friend or family member pick up your prescription for you however they must verify that they are involved in your immediate care. Make sure they know the patient’s date of birth but beware payment will be required at time of pick-up.

Most pharmacies will call you as a reminder to pick up your prescription so make sure they have your phone number on file. Even at the large chain pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS, you will need to pick up your prescription at the pharmacy you originally selected. Unless it’s absolutely necessary, calling the pharmacy to switch locations may be allowed but will certainly cause delays.

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