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How Do Pharmacies Track Prescriptions?

Pharmacies use sophisticated pharmacy management software to track prescriptions. These systems contain a member profile with all the usual demographic information one would expect; name, address, phone, allergies, insurance information, etc. These systems keep a record of your prescriptions and are used to identify drug-to-drug interactions based on your prescription history are used to easily refill your prescription. When you use your Prescription Discount Card, this too will be able to be tracked by the software systems in place.

It is important to make sure that your pharmacy has all your allergies and all your allergies to medications. When the pharmacist has this information they can check your allergies against any interactions with your prescription drugs.

If you travel, one advantage of using a large nation chain pharmacy is their ability to refill prescriptions nationwide. It’s much easier to fill your Walgreens prescription in Florida if you originally filled it in Ohio than if you used a local independently owned pharmacy. This is because large pharmacies can easily track your prescription through their prescription tracking software.

Every prescription number is associated with the pharmacy that filled it. If you’re away from your local pharmacy you can have the prescription transferred to another pharmacy, however, you cannot get it filled again at your local pharmacy once you return from your trip.

How do pharmacies track prescriptions?

How do pharmacies track prescriptions?

Once a prescription is transferred it can no longer be filled from the pharmacy that sent it. There is a one-to-one correlation to prescriptions. The same prescription cannot exist in more than one pharmacy.

A DEA registered pharmacy may transfer original prescription information for schedules III, IV, and V controlled substances to another DEA registered pharmacy for the purpose of refill dispensing between pharmacies, on a one-time only basis. Schedule II controlled substances are not transferable.

If you need a prescription refilled, you can also speak with your doctor about having a prescription filled at a different pharmacy. Any questions about your prescriptions can be answered by your doctor or local pharmacist.

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