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Discounts on Pet Medications: Ways You Can Save

If you’re a pet owner and have ever had to take a trip to the vet to get medical help then you understand how expensive pet medications can be. Prescription medications for a pet can be just as expensive as buying medication at the pharmacy for yourself! Most consumers have trouble paying for their own medication, let alone also paying full price for medication for dogs, cats, or other pets.

While it may be common knowledge that visits to the vet are expensive, many people are surprised to find out that there are several ways to find discounts on pet medications.

Discounts on Pet Medications

Find Discounts on Pet Medications

Buying Expensive Pet Medication from Your Vet

When you take a pet to your local vet Often times a veterinarian will have a specific brand of pet medication on-hand at their clinic to offer you on-the-spot. Just like your preferred general practitioner, veterinarians all have their preferred brand that they consistently offer as remedies for your furry friends. Pet owners no longer need to pay for expensive prescription pet medication exclusively through their vet.

Paying Monthly for Pet Medical Insurance

Monthly insurance premiums for household pets that cover what many pet owners consider to be basic services are priced at a level that makes affording additional coverage for their pet inaccessible. This isn’t meant to discourage any pet owner from purchasing their pet health insurance. Pet insurance plans can be very useful for larger medical needs that arise. It’s important that you check what medication costs are covered in the insurance plan, though. Many times there can be very minimal coverage for medications provided by your veterinarian.

Download Our Free Card for Discounts on Pet Medications

The only free and easy way to start saving money and get immediate discounts on pet medications is to download and start using our free discount pet medication card. There is no waiting period during an approval process because the card is available to every pet owner! All that you have to do is download the app or text/email the card to your phone or computer and you can start using it at your local pharmacies. Many consumers don’t realize that they can get pet medications at their local pharmacies. Some of the medications prescribed for pets are the same prescriptions that are given to humans! You can see a small sample from the list of medications that our free pet medication discount card can potentially help you start saving on today!

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You can find a pharmacy in your area that offers the discounts by using our pharmacy locator. You’ll usually only have to present the card information during the first visit to the store. After that, the pharmacy will usually keep your card on file and apply it to future orders for the same prescription.