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How It Works

Understand Easy Drug Card

Are you looking to save money on your prescriptions without expensive insurance premiums? Look no further than Easy Drug Card. Use your card at over 65,000+ pharmacies in the USA and save up to 80% on your prescriptions.

How it Works

Easy Drug Card is just that – it’s EASY! Simply print out your card or have it ready on your app. Take the card and your unfilled prescriptions to one of the pharmacies that takes our card. Show the card when you give your prescription to the pharmacist, and that’s it. When you come to pick up your prescription, you’ll get the discounted, Easy Drug Card price.

Easy Drug Card works because we have negotiated special drug pricing with pharmacies, just like insurance companies do. However, our cardholders pay 100% of the negotiated price, instead of a copayment.

Since Easy Drug Card isn’t insurance, you don’t have to deal with many of the hassles that come along with that. There’s NO deductibles, NO enrollment fees, and NO one will ask you about pre-existing conditions. You just print out the card and use it. It’s that easy!

Here’s an example of how Easy Drug Card works:

Simple Example of Generic Savings

Retail Price
Insurance or
Discount Card

Easy Drug Card

Insurance *

Prescription Cost




Discount (50%)


– 44.50

– $44.50

Insurance Pays



– $30.00

Patient Pays




Total Patient SAVINGS




* Member’s pay monthly insurance premiums to get coverage like this.

Where Can I Use Easy Drug Card?

Easy Drug Card works at over 65,000+ pharmacies in the United States. These include almost every major pharmacy chain, as well as many independent pharmacies. You can always check on our website or on the app to see if your favorite pharmacy participates in our program.

How Much Will I Save?

You’ll save up to 80% on your prescriptions. The exact price you’ll pay depends on which pharmacy you go to, where the pharmacy is, and whether you’re getting a brand name drug or the generic. You can look up your prescription with our Drug Price Lookup tool to get an approximate price. If the regular pharmacy price is ever lower than the negotiated Easy Drug Card price, you’ll get that pricing instead.

How Do I Get My Card?

We want to make getting your card as easy as possible. Print it out, or download our app onto your mobile phone. We can even text or email a card to you, if that’s easier. The card is already activated, so it’s ready to use. Think of it like a coupon for all of your prescription needs.

Who Can Use the Card?

Anyone can use your Easy Drug Card: you, your family, even your pet. Did you know that there are over 600 pet medications available at most pharmacies? Take your prescription and your card and even Rover can save on his prescriptions. Our card isn’t tied to any one person, so use it as often as you want, for whoever you want.

Are There More Benefits?

Right now, Easy Drug Card only covers prescriptions. However, we are negotiating with other types of providers in the hopes of offering more discounts for you soon. These include:

● Dental Care
● Vision Care
● Telemedicine

Pretty soon, we hope to be the comprehensive discount medical program for anyone who needs medical care!