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Health Insurance Resource Guide

Are you currently uninsured? Use this health insurance resource guide!

If you are currently uninsured rest assured you are not alone. Nearly 48 million Americans are without health insurance. Some lost their insurance when they lost their jobs while others have jobs but their employers do not provide health insurance benefits. Did you know that 25 percent of the uninsured Americans in this county work at companies that have 500 employees or more? Many employer group plans are simply too expensive for their worker to afford.

We know finding health insurance can be difficult and we hope this guide can help provide available resources to use today.

Know your rights!

Did you recently lose a job that provided health insurance AND your former employer had less than 20 workers:

Under most State laws, former workers and their covered dependents have a right to pay for continuation of health insurance coverage. The human resources or personnel department of your former employer is required to tell you about your COBRA and state continuation rights.

Your former employer had 20 workers or more:

Under a federal law called COBRA you have the right to stay in the health insurance plan you had at that job. Family members who were covered as your dependents can also elect to continue coverage however, you must pay the total premium yourself, which can be very expensive. You must act quickly. Your former employer will send you a notice about your right to elect COBRA, and then you’ll have 60 days to sign up for COBRA. COBRA usually guarantees 18 months of coverage, but under special circumstances you can get 29 months of coverage.

TO LEARN MORE about your COBRA rights to continue coverage

Visit the US Department of Labors Frequently Asked Questions about COBRA Continuation Coverage on their Web site or call toll free 1.866.275.7922 for a referral to the best place to answer your questions.

If you cannot afford health care – there are state or federal programs that provide health insurance.

You or your family members may qualify, even if you work however, these programs have income and asset limits. If you were denied in the past check them out again since their requirements may have changed.

Typically, you can get coverage if you are pregnant, a parent with a child living at home,a person with a disability or a person who spends most of your income on health care. Children can often get coverage even if their parents do not qualify.

If you can not afford health care, it is best to apply rather than trying to guess whether or not you are eligible because the income rules are complicated and many have changed.

TO LEARN MORE about healthcare coverage for your children

Please call 1.877.KIDS.NOW or visit