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Birth Control Medication Discounts

Birth Control Medication Discounts available at our 65,000+ Nationwide Pharmacy Network

The EasyDrugCard provides significant discounts on birth control medications and pills and is designed to help all women lower their costs on contraceptives.

Get your FREE Easy Drug Discount Card for birth control discounts and begin saving today. You can create as many cards as you need. Our new website offers multiple options to get a free card.  You can visit our website to print, text to your phone, or even email a card directly to you.  We encourage you to give cards to friends and family members. This free drug card is available immediately!

You can get significant discounts on the following birth control medication at your local pharmacy using our free card – download a card today at  Check our drug pricing tool and pharmacy locator for the lowest prices near you. Click Here to Find the Lowest Prices on Birth Control Medication

Here are some examples:

  • Ameithia
  • Gianvi
  • Jolessa
  • Junel FE
  • Kariva
  • levnorgestrel
  • Levora
  • Apri
  • Errin
  • Camres
  • Camila
  • Ortho-Novum 7-7-7
  • Ovcon 35
  • Seasonale
  • Seasonique
  • Trilevlen
  • Tri-Norinyl
  • Triphasil Yaz
  • FE Lo Seasonique
  • Solia
  • Sprintec
  • Desogen
  • Ella
  • Estrostep
  • One-Step Safyral
  • Aviane
  • Microgestin
  • Necon
  • Nortrel
  • Ocella
  • Ogestrel
  • Levlen
  • Lo/Ovral-28
  • Loestrin
  • Loestrin 24 FE
  • Loestrin FELo
  • Loestrin
  • Low-Ogestrel
  • Lybrel
  • Natazia
  • Nordette
  • Nuvaring
  • Ortho
  • Evra Ortho
  • Tri-Cyclen LO
  • Trinessa
  • Tri-Sprintec
  • Zenchent
  • Zovia
  • Balziva
  • Angeliq
  • Ortho-Cept
  • Ovrette Plan B
  • Quasense
  • Previfem
  • Be-Yaz

The Affordable Care Act is the federal health care reform bill that Congress passed and President Obama signed into law in 2010. Under this law, private health insurance plans are beginning to offer birth control and some other preventive services without co-pays or deductibles. However, if you are currently not participating in a private health plan then you can take advantage of discounts available for birth control medications using our card.

Under the new law some brands and methods of birth control are covered without co-pays and some aren’t – it depends on your private insurance carrier. Health plans are allowed to limit free coverage to some generic drugs and devices. All other birth control options will continue to be available to you with co-pays if you have insurance. To find out what birth control medication will be free and what you will still need to pay for please call the member services number on the back of your employer’s health insurance card for more information.