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I love the Thanksgiving Holiday!

To me it is a lot more relaxing than Christmas and the focus is on family and food and fun. I really don’t like cooking that much so I focus on the family and fun. If cooking isn’t your “thing” check out the great suggestions and recipes from Danielle Sikorski, our registered dietitian.

My favorite memories are being with my grandparents and having all of our family together sitting around a huge table or two. We laughed and ate and enjoyed the day together. After eating until we could barely move, we would go outside and take a nice long walk. It was always fun to be outside, getting fresh air and running around.

Family Togetherness at Thanksgiving!

Family Togetherness at Thanksgiving!

This Holiday turn off your devices and spend time talking and having fun with family and friends.

Try playing a board game, take a walk, cook a meal together, bake together, listen to music or do whatever brings you together and you enjoy. We like to play Guesstures (a fun game of silly charades with a timer) and Dominoes (the one with the matching color dots). Our family loves it and we laugh until our sides ache.

In our family, the rule is, all devices off during mealtime and family time.  Oh, believe me, it is a struggle, and there’s lots of groaning. However, we learned that if we do something fun and interactive, the devices are forgotten for a while. We try to take the time to create some real, not digital, memories.

It’s only one day, but, the memories can last a lifetime. Try it! Your family WILL remember it! Davida Wright Galvin, our fitness pro, has great suggestions for getting together with family.

I hope you have a special and Happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends. Think of three things to be grateful for and share those with those around you…the list will get quite long.





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