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5 Tips to Handle Your Stress and Anxiety

5 Tips to Handle Your Anxiety and Stress!

You’ve been there: One minute you’re sitting in the office (or in the car, or at a party, or in your living room at home), and a wave of stress comes over you seemingly out of nowhere. Other times, you’re in a situation where you are known to get a little anxious and you expect the wave of panic to happen. Regardless of whether or not it’s expected or not, anxiety attacks or panic attacks aren’t fun and can uproot and affect your life in countless ways.
Many people find help with handling anxiety by getting a prescription for a medication from their doctor. There’s nothing wrong with that if you find that it helps. Here are some additional options.

Try these Natural Tips to get a Handle on your Anxiety!

For those of you who hate the hold that anxiety has on you there’s hope!

Tips to Handle Stress and Anxiety

Tips to Handle Stress and Anxiety

Here are 5 ways to alleviate your stress and anxiety:

1. Meditation and Yoga:

Some people use meditation and yoga to help them relax and refocus themselves when stressed. Sometimes, meditation is just about closing your eyes and learning to clear your head.  Read Our Blog on How to Take Charge of your Own Emotional Wellness

With Yoga, people think that they need to be flexible to even take part in yoga. Yoga isn’t necessarily “for” everyone, but there is a type of yoga that can help with relaxation. There are certain poses that allow muscles and areas of the body to stretch that can in turn enable you to feel more relaxed and at peace. Check with your local health club or doctor to find the right fit for you.

2. Herbal Supplements:

Sometimes, anxiety is a symptom that is linked with depression.(2) Some herbal supplements have been shown to help with anxiety.(1) Talk to your doctor first before taking any herbal supplements to determine if it interacts with any medication you are taking. Also, your doctor or pharmacist may be able to recommend a specific herbal supplement for you.

3. Therapy:

Sometimes the best treatment for anxiety is medication and therapy. Sitting down and talking to a professional isn’t a sign of weakness. In fact, asking for help is very difficult and is a sign of strength and bravery. Talk to your doctor about your anxiety and get a referral to find a great therapist near you that specializes in your area of concern.

Some people find that keeping  a journal and writing down their feelings is very helpful in managing their anxiety.

Talking to your friends and family is important as well. Having a sense of community and letting your trusted friends know that you need support is very helpful to manage your stress level.  Reach out to someone in your family, community, church, doctor or therapist. Don’t be with your anxiety alone.

4. Exercise:

Exercise increases endorphins, which is the reason that it makes us feel good. Some argue that “exercise is hard” and they “don’t like exercising”, but showing up is the most important step. You have to push yourself to do the hard things if you want the result. Exercise can be one of the tools that helps fight depression and anxiety. Discuss with your doctor before beginning any exercise program and ask about the type of exercise which would be best for you.

Read Our Blog on How Exercise can Help You Feel Good!

5. Chamomile Tea:

Chamomile tea(4) is very common for people to drink before they go to sleep. I drink chamomile tea every night before bed.  It helps me relax and get sleepy.  It can give a natural sense of relaxation without the risk of dependence and all of the health benefits of drinking tea!

There are a number of ways that you can learn to manage your anxiety without having to head over to the pharmacy every month. The only drawback to these methods is that sometimes it takes a little bit of “trial and error” in finding what works for you. The same goes with medication – not everyone finds the pill that works for them right away. With a little bit of patience and a whole lot of dedication, you can find the best ways for you to treat your anxiety once and for all.

Granted, nothing will take anxiety away completely all the time, however, try some of these tips and see which ones work best for you. There’s nothing wrong with getting a little bit of help when you need it.



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