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tips to save money on pet medications

3 Tips on Pet Medications: At Your Local Pharmacy!

Stop Overpaying At the Vet for Your Pet Medications!

When we say our card is available for the whole family we mean it! Our prescription discount card is not limited to just you, your spouse, your parents, or your children; it’s also available to your pets. Yes, for your pets medications 

If your dog Fido has diabetes or your cat Fluffy has an infection, you no longer need to get expensive pet medications directly from your veterinarian or from an online pet medication pharmacy that takes a week for delivery.

Although many popular pet medications are available at retail pharmacy chains like CVS and Walgreens, nearly two-thirds of pet owners still purchase them at their vets, according to Consumer Reports.

“That’s a mistake,” the magazine wrote in its August 2011 issue, “because vets’ markups over wholesale start at 100 percent and frequently hit 160 percent, plus a $5 to $15 dispensing fee.” That’s just crazy.

In fact, there are hundreds of drugs available at your local pharmacy that are available for both you and your pet medications without the ridiculous markups. 

So take advantage of the savings EasyDrugCard provides at your local pharmacy for both you and your pet medications. 

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Pet Medications at Your Local Pharmacy!

3 Tips to Save Big on Pet Medications

If you’re tired of drug-sticker-shock at your vet and you’d like to save money on pet medications, use these easy money savings tips:

  1. Have your vet to write a prescription that will let you buy the pet medications from a reputable pharmacy – instead of the vet’s office. If your vet is not willing to do this or charges you a fee, then find another vet. In fact, check out the latest bill in front of Congress called the Fairness To Pet Owners Act of 2017
  2. If your pet has a long-term chronic condition, ask your veterinarian for a prescription you can fill at a local pharmacy that accepts our discount drug card. Find a Pharmacy Near You.
  3. Ask your vet whether there’s a less-expensive, human drug equivalent. If your vet prescribes an expensive animal-only antibiotic ask them for a human alternative prescription with a less expensive generic. Most antibiotics fit this category.

Save up to 80% on your prescriptions


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