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New Treatment for Acne

Despite using a variety of acne treatments, are you still suffering from spots and blemishes? Acne can be frustrating and difficult to manage for many. There are several different factors that can worsen acne including hormones, diet, stress, oily skin, medications, hair products, or poor hygiene. Your doctor’s acne treatment plan will be based on your age, the type and severity of your acne, and how much time you’re ready to devote to it. It is common that you may need to wash and apply treatments twice a day to the affected area for several weeks. Topical and oral therapies are frequently used together.

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Hormones are one of the primary causes of acne and can cause acne at any age, whether you’re a preteen, teenager, or adult. Thankfully, there are acne treatments that directly target hormones that worsen acne. Hormonal therapy is any type of medication that works with your hormones. Hormonal therapies for acne include oral contraceptives (birth control pills), spironolactone, and most recently a new topical cream called Winlevi (clascoterone).

It is far and few between that new topical treatments to help manage acne are produced. For that reason, it was a big deal when Winlevi came out in August of 2020. It was the first new topical treatment in a long time and the very first topical treatment that targets hormones to treat acne. Winlevi is approved for treatment of acne in those 12 years and older for up to 12 months. It comes as a cream that is applied to the affected areas twice daily after gently washing and drying the skin. Using a pea-sized amount, Winlevi should be applied in a thin layer. Be sure to wash your hands after applying the medication. After using Winlevi for 12 weeks, people saw significant results including clearer skin and reduction of whiteheads, blackheads, and pus-filled pimples. As studied, side effects were generally mild to moderate. The most common side effects of Winlevi cream included reddening, scaling or dryness, and itching of the skin. Some patients experienced symptoms of a disorder where the adrenal gland does not make enough of certain hormones. Your doctor may stop your treatment if this occurs. It is not known whether Winlevi can be safely used in pregnancy or breastfeeding at this time.

If you’ve been struggling to treat your hormonal acne and are ready to try something different, consider talking with your healthcare provider or dermatologist about Winlevi. An additional cost savings card is available on the Winlevi website – see resource two below.


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