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A New Year’s Resolution That Will Stand the Test of Time

golden postcard happy new year 2015At the end of the year comes the inevitable talk about making resolutions. Do you remember your resolutions from this past year? To lose ten pounds…but gained two instead? Exercise more often…and only made it through the gym door last January? The list goes on and on.

Most people make New Year’s Resolutions and end up feeling bad about ourselves for not measuring up year after year. How do we end the yo-yo effect of setting annual goals and then failing miserably to keep those resolutions? There is a simple, easy way to set up a successful personal resolution for this next year.

Create a resolution for yourself to simply be better than you were last year. What does that mean? Focus on being a little better at your activities, friendships, work, family relationships and health than you were last year.

Be a little kinder to someone you interact with at the store or the customer service rep on the phone. Be a little more understanding to your loved ones when they don’t “measure up” to your expectations. Be a little more focused on your health—eating healthy, following your doctor’s advice, not skipping taking your prescription drugs, getting the sleep you need, taking time to be still and relaxed. Be a little more conscious of the beautiful day around you. Be a little more aware of people around you and how they are feeling. Be a little less judgmental of those that are not exactly like you. Be a little better of a listener to your family and friends. Overall, be a little kinder to yourself and let go of those critical voices in your head.

Take a piece of paper and put it on your mirror that says “Be Better Today!” Every time you wake up, you have another opportunity to start fresh and be a little better that day. Every day is like a new year; it starts fresh and is full of possibilities every morning.

Pretty soon, at the end of next year, you can look back and say “Yes! I am better than I was last year.” This will encourage you to be a little kinder, less judgmental and happier with yourself and those around you. Get rid of the “List” and just be a little better!

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Marianne Morgan

Marianne is CEO at Easy Drug Card. She has a Master’s degree in Counseling and over 20 years as a Human Resources executive, with extensive experience in leadership, healthcare, employee empowerment and consulting. She is passionate about encouraging individuals and families to take charge of their healthcare and believes this leads people to make informed, wise decisions about their overall health.




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