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How Long Does King Soopers Hold Prescriptions?

Many of us have busy work lives and home lives. Remembering to pick up your prescriptions may be something that slips your mind. Knowing a timeline of when prescriptions will be put back on the shelf at your pharmacy after not being picked up can help you avoid having to request a new refill or prescription from your doctor if the prescription is no longer valid. Are you wondering, “How long does King Soopers hold prescriptions?”

How Long Does King Soopers Hold Prescriptions?

Pharmacy policies vary when it comes to how long they will hold a prescription after not being picked up. These times can range from 5 to 14 days. It is beneficial to call your local pharmacy to check their policy to know how long King Soopers holds prescriptions.

Will King Soopers Notify Me When My Prescription Is Ready?  

When creating a patient profile for Kings Soopers Pharmacies, you will be able to select a way to get notified. King Soopers offers notifications by voicemail, email, and text. They will notify you when your prescription is ready for pick up so you’ll never forget to get your prescriptions. 

Filling Prescriptions Online

After receiving a prescription from your doctor and taking it to the pharmacy to get filled, you may experience long wait times. By filling your prescription online or through the mobile app, you can skip the long lines. When filling a prescription at King Soopers, they will provide you with a pickup time, eliminating the guesswork and unnecessary waiting. If you do not wish to create a patient profile or do not have a preferred pharmacy, “Guest” refills are also available. 

How Long Do Prescriptions Take To Fill?

The time it takes your pharmacy to fill a prescription may vary depending on many factors. These could include the time it takes for the pharmacist to get to your prescription, how long it takes to verify with insurance, and the availability of a medication. Due to this reason, Pharmacies will now provide you with a pickup time for your convenience.

Do Pharmacies Take Coupons and Discount Cards?

Pharmacies all over the country, including King Soopers Pharmacy accept coupons and discount drug cards. Using a discount drug card is the best way to lower out-of-pocket costs for medications. After you have answered the question of “how long does King Soopers hold prescriptions”, use Easy Drug Card to get discounts at your pharmacy. Easy Drug Card is a discount drug card that offers “lower-of pricing” guaranteeing to get you your medications at the lowest price possible. Get access to low prescription prices at over 65,000 pharmacies nationwide by downloading the Easy Drug Card App to your phone or print your card online. Get your discount drug card today, and save up to 80% on your prescriptions at your next visit to the pharmacy! 

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