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Save up to 75% on Prescription Medication at Walmart Pharmacy using your Easy Drug Card.
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If you are looking for Walmart Pharmacy discounts, you’ve come to the right place! Easy Drug Card is a free prescription drug program that allows you to save up to 75% on your prescription medications at Walmart Pharmacy’s nationwide! Easy Drug Card is accepted at all Walmart Pharmacy locations, and it never expires. Simply show the pharmacist your card by printing it out or downloading our app. With Easy Drug Card, saving money on your prescription medications couldn’t be easier!

Walmart Pharmacy

Easy Drug Card is accepted for discounts at America’s top retailer, Walmart. Walmart Pharmacy was one of the first pharmacies to develop a $4 drug formulary where members can get many popular prescription medications for only 4 bucks. However most of these prescriptions are lower cost generic drugs.

For those of you looking to save your hard-earned money at Walmart, use our EasyDrugCard for Walmart discount on prescription drugs. Users can save up to 80% on their prescription medications using our discount card. So if you’re looking for additional Walmart Pharmacy discounts make sure you use your EasyDrugCard.

You can find a Walmart Pharmacy near you with our Pharmacy Locator tool and check out how much you’ll save on prescription drugs using Easy Drug Card. So when you’re looking for drug discounts at Walmart not on the $4 formulary, use EasyDrugCard to save at Walmart Pharmacy.


Use our Pharmacy Locator to find a Walmart Pharmacy near you and see the discounts you can receive using your Easy Drug Card.