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Financial Freedom – Lifestyle Freedom!

Pharmacies know the value of getting a customer into their store and they know full well customers do not just purchase their prescriptions and leave the store. Customers shop the seasonal isles, shop for greeting cards, cold remedies, snacks, diet supplements, cosmetics, toys, candy, hair products, foot products, eye, nose & throat products, and more. Pharmacies want our members business! In return for this business, they have agreed to discount their prices and pay a small transaction fee. We collect this fee and share it with our affiliates.

Our affiliate program allows you to tap into this unique business model. We have made it possible for anyone to build a successful home based business without any of the typical hassles associated with other programs. Imagine – give our product away for FREE to folks that truly appreciate it AND earn a commission every time they save on their prescriptions.

It is truly a win, win, win situation. The pharmacy gains more business, our members save on their prescriptions, and you get paid for saving them money. What could be better than that?

Our Opportunity is fantastic for people from all walks of life.

* Stay at home moms or dads who want to earn part-time while staying at home with their family
* People tired of working the 9-5 grind (no more driving to/from work)
* Business men & women who are looking to change their exhausting schedules
* People looking to make extra income to offset rising prices
* Retirees looking to supplement their Social Security or simply looking to stay active
* Business Owners searching for Passive Business Income

Getting Started is Easy

We have 2 income generating programs to chose from – to get you started TODAY!

Discover the Benefits of Joining Our Affiliate Program! Become an Independent Representative and you can:

Give Our Card Away for Free – there is No Selling
Get Paid when Your Users Save on their Prescriptions
Earn Residual Income Month after Month
Set Your Own Schedule and BE YOUR OWN BOSS
Offer Customers Preprinted Cards (tracked back to You) or Through Your Personal Web site (Provided by Us)

Earn Tax Advantages of Owning Your Own Home-Based Business!

Earn Long-Term Residual Income While Helping Others
Don’t just Dream it – Do it!

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