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This is your free Prescription Discount Card! Use this card at over 57,000 pharmacies and save up to 75% on prescription drugs.

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Easy to get, Easy to use, Easy to save!!

Get Your FREE Pre-Activated Prescription Discount Card INSTANTLY and begin using it immediately at over 57,000 participating pharmacies nationwide including most large chain stores like Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid as well as local neighborhood pharmacies. Use Our Drug Pricing Tool. Let's face it - drugs cost too much! Our FREE Prescription Discount Card provides substantial savings on Brand & Generic medications. If your insurance plan does not cover ALL your medications - you can use our card too.

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Client Testimonials:
  • "You cut my 93 dollar bill down to 45!... Your card just made my day yesterday! The pharmacist was so surprised...she said 'that's a good one, usually those discount cards only take off a few dollars!'"

    Allison - Brandon, FL

  • “I used this card for all my prescriptions and found that I saved anywhere from 50 to 60 percent on each prescription. All I could say is WOW!”

    - CP, Chicago IL

  • "I think that the EasyDrugCard is awesome it has saved me at least 200.00 so far. Thank you so much for this much needed break."

    - Brandon, FL

  • "I have no health insurance. My biggest struggle has been with the cost of all my prescriptions. I needed some sort of relief. I would say Easy Drug Card did that for me."

    Arturo, Nashville TN

  • "Thanks very much. I saved 75% at Albertson's in Aurora, CO on a $35 prescription. It came in handy. Thanks once again."

    - BO, Aurora CO

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