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Medical expenses can start piling up very quickly, especially if you or someone in your family has a chronic illness. Even though medical emergencies can sometimes happen unexpectedly, there are a few ways to make sure you’re being smart about ways to save money on your medical expenses all year around.

Here are a few tips to save money on medical expenses:

1. Stay healthy.

Although this is one of the obvious tips to save money on medical expenses, it is also one that is often ignored. Staying healthy with exercise and a proper diet will mean fewer trips to the doctor’s office and will therefore save money.

A Healthy Lifestlye can help Save Money on Medical Expenses!

A Healthy Lifestyle can help Save Money on Medical Expenses!

2. Don’t forget about preventative care.

With most health insurance plans, regular exams are included at least once a year, so take advantage of this. It will save money in the long run if you find a medical condition early.  It will also help give you peace of mind.

3. Skip the ER unless it’s an EMERGENCY.

Many people go to the ER without knowing how much it is going to end up costing them, and then they are shocked by the bill amount when it comes. When it’s an emergency, definitely go to the ER, but other than that, wait until you can visit your regular doctor.

4. Shop around for prescription drugs.

When it comes to prescription drugs, try a generic brand or use a discount prescription drug card, which could save money on of your medications.

5. Know the average cost of the procedure before you go.

There are many price tools out there now, so it should be easy to find the average cost of your upcoming procedure. Just know that the price you see on the Internet isn’t always going to be the price you get, but it will at least give you an idea on what you’ll be paying.

Also, check with your provider to see what they charge for the procedure and ask for a discount if you don’t have insurance.

6. Review your medical bills.

With over 80% of medical bills containing errors, it is an absolute must to review them. Make sure you’re not being overcharged, but also make sure they haven’t charged you for something completely different than you went in for.

Jess Maxwell is the marketing manager at CoPatient. CoPatient reviews and negotiates medical bills to save people an average of 40% off their medical bills. Find out if your medical bills have errors at copatient.com.

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