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Davida’s Hotel Room Workout


No one ever misses the gym when they leave town. Instead they dread what happens after they return, soreness. That’s why many people fall out of their workout regimen after going on vacation or traveling away from home. Plus it’s tough to get motivated to work hard after falling out of a routine and living a life of leisure.

Here is my advice; don’t stop working out. Below is a mini workout routine that you can do in a hotel room without any props. It’s also a good way to wake up, get the blood pumping and build an appetite for a big vacation breakfast. If you continue to workout while you’re out of town it will be like cross training or changing up your routine. Since it’s a limited workout you’ll look forward to getting back to doing whatever interesting exercises that keeps you motivated in the first place. Also, if you keep using your muscles they might not be as sore after your first post-vaca workout.

Hotel Room Workout

Hotel Room Workout

Print out this mini workout routine you can finish in 20-30 minutes and pack it with your swimsuit.

When you get to your destination just get up and get going it will be done before you know it. Do each exercise one after the other with minimal resting. Do the routine up to three times a week or every other day. Remember, it’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor about any new exercises you want to do.

First, you must warm-up before you workout.

One option is to take a brisk walk or climb stairs for eight to 10 minutes. It takes about that long for your body to generate heat and energy for exercising. If you’re staying in your room start by doing what yogis call Sun Salutation A and B five times each. It’s quiet and you don’t need a lot of room. Click on the link at the bottom to see how it’s done.

Once warmed up follow the sequence of exercises below at least one time through. If you repeat it two or three times you should sweat and burn more calories. Also adjust the repetitions to suit your needs. You might need to work up to my recommendations or maybe you’re an animal and need to double them!


Do 15 to 20 repetitions of squats in good form. Have your feet wider than the hips and sit back into your heels. As your knees warm-up try to increase your range of motion by lowering your butt to the height of your kneecaps. You can increase the intensity by lowering to a count of four and then holding a count of four before standing slowly again.  These are large muscle groups and squats give a lot of bang for the buck.


Ladies should do at least 12, men 20 or more because of greater upper body strength. This is another high value exercise because it works your whole body including the chest and arms.


Do 15 to 20 repetitions. This is an old gym class favorite and for good reason. You gently work the low back and hamstrings. Stand with your feet wider than your hips and your arms stretched out in a T. Then alternate bringing a hand to the opposite foot bending your knees a little as possible.


Do 10-15 repetitions.  You can do these using a sturdy chair or the edge of a bathtub. With your hands on the chair or tub edge slid your butt forward and then dip and lift it below and above the edge by bending and straightening your elbows. This really hits the triceps and shoulders. Keep your feet under your knees or for a greater challenge walk your feet out beyond your knees to create more work for the arms.


Do 15-20 repetitions in good form. If you have cranky knees step backwards instead of forward and find your range of motion bending both knees. Lunges will again work the big muscles in the body, which means you can do a lot and burn more calories.

Side Plank & thread the needle:

Do 10 repetitions on each side. This is a great core exercise targeting the oblique areas and allowing a nice twist in the spine. From a side plank position with top arm stretched to the ceiling twist and thread your top arm underneath the armpit then return the arm back reaching to the ceiling. 


Hold for 30-60 seconds or more! This is another great core exercise challenging your endurance. Conventional fitness wisdom is now in favor of strengthening the midsection with overall core exercises instead of crunches that mimic a flexion posture we’re already over executing.

Finally take time to stretch the muscles you just worked by holding and breathing through them for 20-30 seconds.

If you’re on a vacation with lots of hiking, biking, swimming or skiing, forget all of this. Just have fun! You’re cross training already.

Sun Salutation A:

Sun Salutation B:

Exercise Video Demonstration:


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