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New Year’s Resolutions – Tips to Make them Stick!

New Year’s Resolutions As the year winds down the inevitable conversation turns to New Year’s Resolutions. Do you remember what your resolutions were from this last year? Was it to lose weight…but gained five instead? Begin an exercise program or exercise more frequently…but you only made it into the gym last winter? Your list may be long. Lots of people make New Year’s Resolutions and end up feeling guilty because those resolutions have come and [Read More...]

Happy Holidays! A Season of Gratitude with Family and Friends

Happy Holidays! The Holiday time is full of activities. Some times too many, but nevertheless it’s the Holidays!  Here is a list of Holiday activities that will help you appreciate the day more. Holiday List: Give a Hug. Forgive someone, maybe yourself. Take a deep breath. Look your child, parent, grandparent, neighbor… in the eye when they are talking to you. Put away your electronic device. Do something you wouldn’t normally do….like the dishes, plan [Read More...]

Family and Thanksgiving!

I love the Thanksgiving Holiday! To me it is a lot more relaxing than Christmas and the focus is on family and food and fun. I really don’t like cooking that much so I focus on the family and fun. If cooking isn’t your “thing” check out the great suggestions and recipes from Danielle Sikorski, our registered dietitian. My favorite memories are being with my grandparents and having all of our family together sitting around [Read More...]

5 Tips to Handle Your Anxiety and Stress!

You’ve been there: One minute you’re sitting in the office (or in the car, or at a party, or in your living room at home), and a wave of stress comes over you seemingly out of nowhere. Other times, you’re in a situation where you are known to get a little anxious and you expect the wave of panic to happen. Regardless of whether or not it’s expected or not, anxiety attacks or panic attacks [Read More...]