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I CAN! — Just Do It! #WithDavida

Just Do It! #withDavida   It’s like nails on a chalkboard for me to hear anyone say “I Can’t”. Don’t say it. Don’t think it. Take it out of your vocabulary. Why would you limit yourself by using the word “can’t”? Of course I hear it quite a bit as an exercise instructor. Most often when someone is asked to do push-ups or some fitness challenge. Or when someone is invited to a music based [Read More...]

Motivation – 5 Apps For People Who Just Can’t Get It!

MOTIVATION! Some people have motivation…and we may secretly resent these people who have that motivation. Sometimes we just can’t seem to tap into the same unlimited source of motivation that they seem to have. If you find yourself struggling to get the motivation to start or to keep going on any given day, this post is for you. Your smartphone can actually be a great source for tools and resources on motivation. There are a [Read More...]

Habits — 3 Tips to Breaking Bad Eating Ones!

How To Break Bad Eating Habits Everyone likes to indulge in some guilty pleasure food every now and again. It seems as though the some best tasting foods are the worst for our health. Indulging every now and then is one thing, but eating these things every single day is another. Once you start down a path of poor diet habits, it’s sometimes difficult to stop. If you have some bad eating habits that you’ve [Read More...]

Meditation — 6 Easy Steps to Begin

A Beginner’s Guide to Meditation Meditation is one of those things that intimidates many people. The image that you have in your head of what meditation is may be wildly different than what it actually is. While there are some tribes and religious groups that sit in a circle and chant, meditation can be as simple as closing your eyes and breathing or going for a walking meditation. BENEFITS OF MEDITATION The benefits of meditation [Read More...]

Why Soy Is NOT a Health Food

It might surprise you to learn that soy beans and the products made from them are not as healthy as you might have been lead to believe. There is soy in countless food items such as protein powders, meat substitutes, tofu, pastas, frozen meals, dairy substitutes such as milk and ice cream, almost all processed foods, and even infant formula. There have been decades of studies proving the negative health consequences of consuming soy, and [Read More...]