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5 Ways to Save Money If You’re An Active Or Retired Member of the Military

5 Ways to Save Money A common misconception is that once you’re a member of the military that money will never be a problem again. Unfortunately, the economy affects everyone and you may find yourself in a position where saving money is a necessity. Most of America is looking to save some money wherever possible. Luckily, as an active or retired member of the military there are some ways that you can save some extra [Read More...]

Support for Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Biking for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) I started biking about six years ago and have worked up from just a few miles to longer events. I rode recently in the Colorado BikeMS ride, the ride to benefit multiple sclerosis. As for many charity rides, bikers raise money in order to ride the event. In return, BikeMS treats riders VERY well. The Colorado ride was a two day event: Saturday was a ride from Denver to Fort [Read More...]

National Safety Awareness Month

June Is National Safety Month National Safety Month is celebrated annually. Organizations use the opportunity to get the word out about the leading causes of home, work, and community related injuries to try and encourage people to live a safer, and longer life. Safety is a broad term – almost too broad. Typically, when someone says “be safe”, it’s used in a context that you can recognize what they mean. For example, if you’re heading [Read More...]

Alcohol Consumption — Be Smart About It!

April Is Alcohol Awareness Month Most people enjoy celebrating a special occasion or the end of the week with a glass of wine or a beer. There is nothing wrong with drinking in moderation. However, if you drink to relax, avoid stressful situations and/or to escape, you need to be aware of how much alcohol you are consuming and why. Using alcohol for destructive reasons can only harm you and your loved ones in the [Read More...]

5 Tips for Safe Toys and Gifts Month

With the holiday season in full swing and millions of parents on the hunt for the perfect gifts for all of their little ones, this is the most important time of year to talk about toy safety. We have the tips to help you shop smart because December is Safe Toys and Gifts Month. Toys have the ability to inspire joy and imagination in children, but they also can cause harm if they are not [Read More...]