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Allergy Symptoms: What You Need to Know!

Allergy Symptoms If you suffer from seasonal allergies, also known as hay fever and allergic rhinitis, your symptoms can make you feel miserable. But before you wrap yourself in a hazmat suit, try these simple strategies to keep your seasonal allergies under control. Reduce your exposure to allergy triggers Reduce your exposure to the allergens that trigger your allergy symptoms: Stay indoors – especially on windy, dry days. The best time to go outside is [Read More...]

Calling in a Prescription to a Pharmacy: What You’ll Need

Calling In A Prescription To A Pharmacy: What You’ll Need The easiest way to order a new prescription is to have your physician’s office electronically submit the prescription or call in your prescription to your pharmacy. If your physician has already given you a written paper prescription, by law you need to have that piece of paper before the pharmacy can fill the prescription. Doctors are notorious for bad handwriting which may lead your pharmacist [Read More...]

How Do Pharmacies Track Prescriptions?

How Do Pharmacies Track Prescriptions? Pharmacies use sophisticated pharmacy management software to track prescriptions. These systems contain a member profile with all the usual demographic information one would expect; name, address, phone, allergies, insurance information, etc. These systems keep a record of your prescriptions and are used to identify drug-to-drug interactions based on your prescription history are used to easily refill your prescription. When you use your Prescription Discount Card, this too will be able [Read More...]

Anxiety: Dr. Peter J. Rice

Anxiety and You! Visiting Ireland has always been one of my life goals, and when my daughter invited my wife and I to travel to the Emerald Isle, of course we agreed.  Our group eventually expanded to include my older daughter and son, their spouses and our two grandchildren.   One of the group, while anxious to visit Ireland, was also anxious about flying. Bosco “BA” Baracus was a character in the 1980s TV series, [Read More...]

Can You Fill A Prescription Early At A Different Pharmacy?

Can You Fill A Prescription Early At A Different Pharmacy? You can fill a prescription early at a different pharmacy for the same medication if you get a new prescription from your medical provider even if you still have a supply of medication on hand. That’s the benefit of using EasyDrugCard – there are no restrictions. If you have a prescription at your local pharmacy you can get a refill at any time when using the EasyDrugCard [Read More...]