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Allergy Symptoms: What You Need to Know!

Allergy Symptoms If you suffer from seasonal allergies, also known as hay fever and allergic rhinitis, your symptoms can make you feel miserable. But before you wrap yourself in a hazmat suit, try these simple strategies to keep your seasonal allergies under control. Reduce your exposure to allergy triggers Reduce your exposure to the allergens that trigger your allergy symptoms: Stay indoors – especially on windy, dry days. The best time to go outside is [Read More...]

Walking Benefits and Medical Conditions

Fitness Trackers Increase Walking Benefits But Not Weight Loss #withDavida   Many of my friends are walking more and reaping the benefits from it. These new wrists worn or phone application fitness tracking devices have inspired many to get out and walk more. The new social competition is to track your steps and challenge friends and co-workers for prizes. One couple became so competitive they got into a little spat over it.  Other than that’s [Read More...]

Prednisone: Dr. Peter J. Rice

The Byrne Clan Reunion and Help from Prednisone   When the biblical character Samson was old and had lost his strength, he found himself praying “strengthen me, I beg you, only this once, O God”. When patients find themselves needing a good day, the drug prednisone can be an answer to prayer. My mom, who is 91 years old, received her invitation to the Byrne first generation reunion at the end of April.  My grandfather, [Read More...]

Amlodipine: Dr. Peter J. Rice

Amlodipine   An 83 year old Iowa woman in an assisted living facility recently had what appeared to be either a petit mal seizure or a transient ischemic attack.  She was sitting in front of the TV when suddenly she was detached and unresponsive. Her physician discontinued her amlodipine. This was surprising, and perhaps unnecessary, since amlodipine is generally very well tolerated. Amlodipine is a calcium channel blocker that was first marketed by Pfizer in [Read More...]

Statins: Are they Right For You? Dr. Peter Rice

  Choosing Between two Goods – Statin Use and Exercise I need to come out of hiding. For as long as I can remember, I have had high cholesterol. Back in the day, the target for cholesterol was less than “200 plus your age”: I was usually at or just slightly above that.  Then the goal cholesterol changed to under 200, and gave about half of all patients (including myself) the diagnosis of high cholesterol [Read More...]