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Heart Failure: Dr. Peter Rice

My favorite patient with heart failure   I have neglected my writing for some time as I attended to some family issues.  As the hurricanes appeared to be targeting Cocoa Beach, Florida over a month ago, my mom came as a refugee to visit for a short time.  As often happens in life, unexpected things developed such as heart failure. My mom will be 92 years old this month. When she was 13, she was [Read More...]

What is a Prescription?

What is a Prescription? Prescriptions, written by physicians or medical doctors, are medication instructions to pharmacists for an individual patient. Prescriptions have legal implications making the prescriber assume responsibility for the clinical care of the patient. What’s on a Prescription?   Prescriptions include: the name of medical practice or physician, the physical address of the medical practice or physician, the phone number of the medical practice/physician, the name of the patient, the date the prescription [Read More...]

What Is a Pharmacy?

What Is a Pharmacy?   A pharmacy is commonly known as a retail store that dispenses FDA approved prescription medications as well as over the counter remedies that do not require a physician’s prescription. There are many types of pharmacies across the country including community (retail) pharmacies, mail order pharmacies, compounding pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, clinical pharmacies, ambulatory care pharmacies, and regulator pharmacies. Most people are familiar with their local community retail pharmacy. Along with selling [Read More...]

Why You Need to Be Open with Your Doctor About Your Medications

  3 Reasons Why If you’ve read even one medication description online or watched one medication commercial, then you’ve heard the popular line: “Advise your doctor of any and all medications that you are taking.” You might have heard this phrase so much that it almost has no meaning to you anymore. There is so much information crammed into the 60 seconds of a commercial, or small print on a medication informational packet; you wonder [Read More...]

Does the Pharmacy Call the Doctor When Filling a Prescription?

Does the pharmacy call the doctor when filling a prescription? Unless you have an open refill, it’s better to visit or call your doctor instead of calling your pharmacy for a prescription. More often than not, pharmacies will NOT call your doctor unless there is a question or concern about your original prescription or refill. While a call to your doctor may be needed to clear up any issues, it is an extra step that [Read More...]