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Birth Control and Your Options

Birth Control Options Millions of American women who use birth control pills every month to prevent pregnancy are in for a costly awakening when these medications are no longer covered by your insurer. The Affordable Care Act, passed in March 2010, caused a significant reduction in the number of people without health insurance. The CDC reported that the percentage of people without health insurance fell from 16.0% in 2010 to 8.9% during the January–June 2016 [Read More...]

Does the Pharmacy Call the Doctor When Filling a Prescription?

Does the pharmacy call the doctor when filling a prescription? Unless you have an open refill, it’s better to visit or call your doctor instead of calling your pharmacy for a prescription. More often than not, pharmacies will NOT call your doctor unless there is a question or concern about your original prescription or refill. While a call to your doctor may be needed to clear up any issues, it is an extra step that [Read More...]

How Do Pharmacies Fill Prescriptions?

How Do Pharmacies Fill Prescriptions? When a pharmacy fills your brand drug prescription they’ll typically ask you if they can fill it using the lower cost generic unless your doctor has checked off “dispense as written”. Although your pharmacist may want to save you money filling your prescription with a generic drug, it is important to know that their profit margins tend to be higher on generics. 3 Ways Pharmacies Get Paid when Filling Prescriptions: [Read More...]

Can You Fill A Prescription Without Insurance?

Can You Fill A Prescription Without Insurance? If you find yourself uninsured or underinsured (meaning not all your medications are covered) you can always fill your prescriptions at any pharmacy and pay cash or use a discount drug card to help reduce your prescription medication costs. Although you or your employer pay for insurance through your premiums, you do not need to use your insurance every time you fill your prescriptions. Most insurance these days [Read More...]

Health Insurance Options: Lost My Insurance

Health Insurance Options when: “I’ve Lost my insurance, now what?” If you’ve recently lost your health insurance through your employer or have been dropped by your insurance carrier there are health insurance options available to you for Medical Care and Prescriptions. Although uninsured Americans have a tougher time finding affordable medical care than those with insurance, that doesn’t mean you don’t have health insurance options. Here are 5 Tips on Health Insurance Options: Check your [Read More...]