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Health Insurance Options: Lost My Insurance

Health Insurance Options when: “I’ve Lost my insurance, now what?” If you’ve recently lost your health insurance through your employer or have been dropped by your insurance carrier there are health insurance options available to you for Medical Care and Prescriptions. Although uninsured Americans have a tougher time finding affordable medical care than those with insurance, that doesn’t mean you don’t have health insurance options. Here are 5 Tips on Health Insurance Options: Check your [Read More...]

Health Insurance and Affordable Care Act: Dr. Peter Rice

  My Health Insurance Experience and an Idea for the Affordable Care Act    As many of you may know from my recent blogs, I experienced “drive-by” surgery for a bilateral hernia repair.  It has been about two months, which has given me time to pay the bills and to think about various aspects of the experience. Now, I would like to address health insurance. Many have looked forward to the repeal of Obamacare, the [Read More...]

Confused about Generic Drugs? Peter Rice, PharmD, PhD, explains

Generic Drugs When I opened the internet yesterday, MSN/money had a piece on the “Five Best Things to Buy Generic”: breakfast cereal, spices and seasonings, diapers, gasoline and medications. As a pharmacist, I knew medications would be on the list. But I also know that generic drugs generate a lot of questions-and sometimes concerns-from patients. In theory, there is no significant difference between generic medicines and brand name medications; in practice, there can be, but [Read More...]

5 Ways to Save Money If You’re An Active Or Retired Member of the Military

5 Ways to Save Money A common misconception is that once you’re a member of the military that money will never be a problem again. Unfortunately, the economy affects everyone and you may find yourself in a position where saving money is a necessity. Most of America is looking to save some money wherever possible. Luckily, as an active or retired member of the military there are some ways that you can save some extra [Read More...]

6 Tips to Save Money on Medical Expenses

Medical expenses can start piling up very quickly, especially if you or someone in your family has a chronic illness. Even though medical emergencies can sometimes happen unexpectedly, there are a few ways to make sure you’re being smart about ways to save money on your medical expenses all year around. Here are a few tips to save money on medical expenses: 1. Stay healthy. Although this is one of the obvious tips to save [Read More...]