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How Many Days Early Can You Fill A Prescription?

How Many Days Early Can You Fill A Prescription? If you’re using EasyDrugCard, you can fill a prescription early at any pharmacy for the same medication even if you still have a supply of medication on hand. That’s the benefit of using our discount drug card – there are no restrictions or refill too soon limitations. If you have a prescription at your local pharmacy you can get a refill at any time when using [Read More...]

Can A Pharmacist Refuse To Fill A Prescription?

Can a Pharmacist Refuse to Fill a Prescription? There are very few legitimate reasons for a pharmacist to refuse to fill a prescription however some do exist. A pharmacist can refuse to fill a valid, on-time, prescription if doing so would harm the patient. The pharmacist should give you a very specific rationale and explain why they believe filling the prescription may put you in harms way. A refusal to fill a prescription may occur [Read More...]

How Long Do You Have To Fill A Prescription?

How Long Do You Have To Fill A Prescription? The prescription you receive from your doctor is valid for 1 year from the date it is written however the pharmacists may use their professional judgement to determine whether the prescription should still be used. If you have a pharmacy not filling your medication you can always find a pharmacy by using our pharmacy finder tool. If you have a prescription for an antibiotic because you had an [Read More...]

Tips for your Travel Medicine

Guidelines for Your Travel Medicine Whether you’re traveling out of the country or domestically,  the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that you put together a health kit for your trips and your travel medicine. When you travel make sure you don’t just combine all your travel medicine pills into a plastic bag or even a daily-dose container just for convenience. All prescription medications should be kept in their original containers with readable labels, so the [Read More...]

Health Insurance Options: Lost My Insurance

Health Insurance Options when: “I’ve Lost my insurance, now what?” If you’ve recently lost your health insurance through your employer or have been dropped by your insurance carrier there are health insurance options available to you for Medical Care and Prescriptions. Although uninsured Americans have a tougher time finding affordable medical care than those with insurance, that doesn’t mean you don’t have health insurance options. Here are 5 Tips on Health Insurance Options: Check your [Read More...]