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Diet: Identifyng a Food Allergy Danielle S., Registered Dietitian

Identify your Food Allergy/Intolerance with an Elimination Diet It might seem that nowadays, everyone has some sort of food allergy, sensitivity or ailment. A common statement that I hear is something along the lines of: “My grandparents drank whole milk, ate full fat dairy and had no problems with gluten. Why, suddenly is everyone intolerant?” The answer is multifactorial on your Diet: First of all, the quality of our food is far different from what [Read More...]

The “Cure All”: Coconut (?)

Coconut Coconut oil and coconut milk products are yet other food items that have become quite popular and deemed “superfoods.” Coconut oil has multiple uses ranging from a moisturizer to a coffee-addition. The sentiment towards coconut oil and other coconut products is actually quite polarized. There are some who believe that the antimicrobial properties of the oil help combat disease while others believe that the saturated fats increase cholesterol levels. So, who is correct? Are [Read More...]

Reward Yourself the Right Way

Reward  Food is often used as a reward for good behavior or as comfort for a bad day. It is used for social gatherings and celebrations or can be used as a way to pass time. If these food indulgences happen when you’re not hungry or are centered on unhealthy foods, they can hinder your weight loss goals and interfere with overall health, mood and/or energy levels. Here are some ways to celebrate and reward [Read More...]

Pumpkin Spices for Your Health

Pumpkin Spices When it comes to seasons, I think that fall takes the cake in terms of signature flavor profiles and aromas. When fall finally arrives, we all look forward to the quintessential pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice everything! Though pumpkin is a major player in these autumn staples, we wouldn’t love them like we do without the “spice.” What are those spices that make up “pumpkin spice?” Do they provide [Read More...]

Does the Lack of Sleep Impact your Waistline?

Sleep and Your Waistline If I could bottle sleep and sell it as an effective weight loss supplement, I’d be a rich woman. Thankfully, you don’t need to “buy” sleep for weight loss; you can prioritize it and align your schedule to make it happen. When I meet patients for the first time, one of the things that we discuss is their sleep hygiene. This is especially important if they are seeking weight loss. Why [Read More...]

Breakfast: Quick Tips!

Breakfast on the Run Now that school is back in session, summertime habits of letting breakfast fall through the cracks must end. Common cereals, pop tarts and the like don’t provide enough protein, fiber, or healthy fat fuel your children (or yourself) through the morning. Additionally, they’re full of added sugars. Studies consistently show that daily consumption of breakfast reduces risk of diabetes. It also has been shown to greatly improve cognitive ability and performance [Read More...]