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Hydrocodone: Dr. Peter Rice

Hydrocodone – what ever happened to America’s most popular drug? For many years, hydrocodone with acetaminophen had been the most popular drug in the US.  Always at the head of the ”top drugs” list, it was often reported that there were enough hydrocodone/acetaminophen tablets sold each year to treat everyone in the country for a number of weeks. Hydrocodone is an opioid drug; it is chemically related to morphine and acts through the same receptors [Read More...]

A Compelling Vitamin Story Dr. Peter Rice

Vitamins and Neuropathy It’s hard to ignore stories of people who have recovered from unbelievably bad situations. Like Ernest Shackleton returning in 1916 with his entire crew two years after their ship was lost in Antarctica. Or Lance Armstrong coming back after testicular cancer to win the Tour de France. These stories show the importance of the human spirit and determination to overcome adversity.  But, vitamins?!!  Are you serious? A patient is bedridden with neuropathy [Read More...]

Medication Refills: What You Need to Know Dr. Elizabeth Carter

Medication Refills: Tips Your Pharmacist Wants You to Know  1. Call 3 – 4 days before you are out of your medication.  Calling in a refill last minute can put unnecessary stress on everyone involved.  Sometimes barriers prevent pharmacists from filling medications immediately.  If the pharmacy does not have your medication in stock, it needs to be ordered from the pharmacy’s supplier; this adds at least one day to filling time.  If you place your refill on [Read More...]

Pill Identifier: Dr. Elizabeth Carter

Pill Identifier: It Could Save Your Life Have you ever found a pill lying around your house and unable recall what it is?  Have you ever dumped all of your pills in the same bottle for convenience, only to forget later which pill is which?  If so, I have the tools to help you!  Situations arise frequently where we need to be able to identify what a pill is solely based on what it looks [Read More...]

Best Place to Store Your Medication: Dr. Elizabeth Carter

Medication Storage The summer heat is in full swing and if you are anything like me, you are taking full advantage of the great weather!  Hiking, boating, camping, going to concerts, these are all great things.  One thing probably not at the forefront of your mind: medication storage and what can happen if it is not done properly. Medication storage is just as important as remembering to pick up your medication refills every month.  If [Read More...]

Plants: Medicinal Properties Dr. Peter Rice

The Doctrine of Signatures Many folks are interested in how plants might have medicinal properties and be useful in various disease states. The idea is that some medicinal plants have been used for centuries and many of our current drugs have their chemical roots in substances isolated from plants. Last week I wrote about the delivery of my new granddaughter, which appeared to be brought on by eggplant parmesan. Evidence for eggplant includes numerous anecdotal [Read More...]