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Pharmacists: Medication Advice

Pharmacists Provide Medication Advice It is evident that many Americans are taking prescription drugs. Statistics from the CDC website show that almost half of the population in the United States has used at least one prescription medication in the previous 30 days.(1) Furthermore, almost 22% of the population has used at least three prescription medications in the previous 30 days, and about 11% have used five or more prescription medications in the same time period. [Read More...]

Genetic Tests: Dr. Peter Rice

Cheap Genetic Answers About Your Health Risks As a science nerd, I have been thinking for some time about taking one of the genetic tests that is available online, like 23andMe, or  These tests are painless, cost around $100, and give you an idea of your genetic background. Many folks engage in this kind of testing to learn more about where they came from. You may have seen the guy on TV dancing around [Read More...]

Disease and Medical Resources: Dr. Peter Rice

Lola the Dog … and Patient The spots we noticed last weekend on Lola’s belly are called petechiae (pet-ee-kee-aye) and are a sign of a bleeding abnormality. Not good. Pharmacists watch for these in patients taking anticoagulants. It all started about a month ago. First, I heard that my son Daniel was serving as a “foster parent” for two dogs from the animal shelter. I had never heard of human foster parents for dogs, but [Read More...]

Flu Season: Tips from Dr. Elizabeth Carter

What You Need to Know for the Upcoming Flu Season Flu season is almost here and retail pharmacies have started advertising for flu shots.  Should you get vaccinated?  If you are over 6 months of age, the answer is yes!  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that flu season can start as early as October and last as late as May.  It is important to get vaccinated before flu season hits in [Read More...]

Zika Virus: Dr. Peter Rice

ZIKA virus It surprised me when my wife and I went to donate blood and we were asked about Zika Virus. If you’re like me, you’ve wondered where this new disease came from and how it came to be such a threat now. If mankind can control the Ebola virus, how does the Zika virus seem to get around so easily? I live in Denver, Colorado. There are many nice things about Denver. It’s sunny [Read More...]

Nocturnal Leg Cramps: Dr. Peter Rice

Leg Cramps II When we last visited, I was telling how I woke up one night during my recent Erie Canal biking adventure with excruciating leg cramps. Never before had I appreciated the urgency that patients might have when they ask their pharmacist, “Hey doc, do you have anything that works for leg cramps?” In our last visit time, we considered cramping with an athletic or exertional background. But many non-athletes have nocturnal cramps, some [Read More...]