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Tips on Understanding Autism

Understanding Autism The first time that it was suggested that my daughter’s differences were due to bad parenting was when she was three years old. Every parent has had those moments where we’re judged for a tantrum or eating habits, but parents are also told that their children would be normal if they’d just mothered them correctly.  Better discipline.  More discipline. When she was six, I was informed that the school didn’t think they could [Read More...]

Pregnancy: Dr. Elizabeth (Beth) Carter

So You Think You’re Pregnant – Time to Take a Pregnancy Test! You’re trying to get pregnant, but how can you tell if you have successfully created an addition to your family? Well, some signs and symptoms to look out for include: Cessation of your period Changes in consistency of your vaginal mucous Breast tenderness and anatomical changes Fatigue Increased urination Nausea and vomiting (typically called “morning sickness,” although it can happen at any time [Read More...]

Are you Aware of the Signs of a Stroke?: Dr. Peter Rice

Meeting a Man Who Looked Like a Zombie I’m not all that into Zombies, but a recent event with a possible stroke patient has me referring to it as a Zombie Apocalypse. And all just in time for Halloween. Earlier this week I was talking with my daughter as I drove to work and had just finished the call. Although my wife has me trained to keep my eyes on the road, just out of [Read More...]

Oral Thrush: Dr. Peter Rice

Baby Hope’s Adventure with Oral Thrush Babies are an adventure.  Granddaughter Hope was born on June 28th, just as I was leaving town after waiting three weeks for her arrival.  She was a petite 8½ lbs when we last visited, and she slept most of the time. Hope has been plumping out quite nicely and my daughter and wife have been rediscovering how much fun it is to dress up little girls. Miss Hope is [Read More...]

Pharmacists: Medication Advice

Pharmacists Provide Medication Advice It is evident that many Americans are taking prescription drugs. Statistics from the CDC website show that almost half of the population in the United States has used at least one prescription medication in the previous 30 days.(1) Furthermore, almost 22% of the population has used at least three prescription medications in the previous 30 days, and about 11% have used five or more prescription medications in the same time period. [Read More...]

Genetic Tests: Dr. Peter Rice

Cheap Genetic Answers About Your Health Risks As a science nerd, I have been thinking for some time about taking one of the genetic tests that is available online, like 23andMe, or  These tests are painless, cost around $100, and give you an idea of your genetic background. Many folks engage in this kind of testing to learn more about where they came from. You may have seen the guy on TV dancing around [Read More...]