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Five Small Fitness Goals to Tone Your Body: Davida, Fitness Pro

Five Small Fitness Goals to Tone Your Body #withDavida You may look in the mirror every day, as many of us do and wish for flatter abs or a tighter butt or maybe you just want to be stronger. But taking that first step to achieve these goals seems daunting or maybe a day or two after putting forth the effort you get discouraged. Remember this old Chinese proverb, “The man who removes a mountain [Read More...]

Tips for the New Year and 5 Ways to Fitness!

A Fitter You in the New Year! #withDavida   New Year’s Day is my favorite holiday because it’s like passing “Go” on the Monopoly board. You get another round of months to do better and be better every year.   My family has started a tradition of writing our New Year resolutions down, reminding each other about them throughout the year and then evaluating how we did before making our new resolutions. This past year [Read More...]

Tips for Fitness During the Holidays

Fitness #withDavida Last month I wished all my clients a Happy Thanksgiving giving them permission to have fun and eat a lot but be sure to join me back at the gym the following week. One day of indulgence won’t break your fitness fabulousness. But if you open the floodgates to a rampage of holiday goodies it can set you back unless you keep moving. Besides burning calories, exercise acts as a type of shield [Read More...]

Ditch Sit-Ups? Davida, fitness professional

Forget the Sit-Ups #withDavida We should all just wear black to the gym and have a memorial for that standard exercise, the sit-up.  They won’t be missed although we love to hate them.  We have many variations of crunches using our arms, lifting our feet and twisting our spines to make them more interesting. People even brag about doing sit-up challenges and reaching goals of 100 sit-ups in a session. As an instructor I feel [Read More...]

Exercise Fun? Have You Tried Zumba Yet?

Zumba #withDavida I just celebrated my 10-year anniversary of teaching Zumba Fitness. It’s been a fun decade of bass thumping classes full of sweaty people partying like, the music icon Prince describes, “it’s 1999”. That’s about when the franchise started as an infomercial. It hit gyms after 2001 and I joined before it started to peak and is now leveling off with 15 million people taking weekly classes in 180 countries. I still get brand [Read More...]

Stretch and Build Lower Body Strength

Hips Don’t Lie. Tips to Strengthen, Stretch and Soothe Your Lower Body. #withDavida We are a nation of sitters. Desk jobs, long commutes or sitting and watching a lot of tv can make your abs and hip flexor weak and contribute to low back pain. I’m on the opposite end of the spectrum where constantly exercising the large muscles in the lower body has most likely contributed to the hip flexor and surrounding muscles becoming [Read More...]