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Exercise Fun? Have You Tried Zumba Yet?

Zumba #withDavida I just celebrated my 10-year anniversary of teaching Zumba Fitness. It’s been a fun decade of bass thumping classes full of sweaty people partying like, the music icon Prince describes, “it’s 1999”. That’s about when the franchise started as an infomercial. It hit gyms after 2001 and I joined before it started to peak and is now leveling off with 15 million people taking weekly classes in 180 countries. I still get brand [Read More...]

Stretch and Build Lower Body Strength

Hips Don’t Lie. Tips to Strengthen, Stretch and Soothe Your Lower Body. #withDavida We are a nation of sitters. Desk jobs, long commutes or sitting and watching a lot of tv can make your abs and hip flexor weak and contribute to low back pain. I’m on the opposite end of the spectrum where constantly exercising the large muscles in the lower body has most likely contributed to the hip flexor and surrounding muscles becoming [Read More...]

Sports, Alcohol & Fitness: Davida, fitness pro

Exercise & Alcohol #withDavida I could be unique where I’m more likely to invite you to party with me at a gym than a bar. However, my invitations are usually shunned initially until I offer a glass of wine or champagne to follow an hour of cardio, dancing or yoga. I’m happy to learn those few sips of alcohol afterwards probably do not negate the positive effects of exercising. Whether you drink or not there’s [Read More...]

Why Would You Want to Workout in Heels?

Heels for a Workout??? #withDavida When hearing the idea of fitness in heels most conjure up thoughts of people doing jumping jacks or lifting weights in high shoes.  Well, that’s just ridiculous and I wouldn’t recommend it.  But let’s face it; women like shoes and many of us like to wear high heels even if it’s not the best idea for your feet or back. My fondness for heels and interest in fitness allowed me [Read More...]

5 Tips to Get Your Fitness on Track!

A Fitness Instructors Choice #withDavida I was chatting with my eye doctor about fitness, giving tips and recommendations about how to fit in exercise and stay motivated. Then she posed the question “What would you do for exercise if you were not instructing all the time?” Wow! Good question. I had to think about it. I know I want to keep my heart healthy and I love being strong. Now, as I grow older I [Read More...]

Cool Down Tips!

Should You Cool Down? #withDavida My daughter’s swim coach reminded me the importance of the cool down. After my 12 year old exerts her self in a 50-meter free style sprint her coach requires she get back in the pool and swim leisurely a few laps before she goes home. What does this do? Coach Sarah Ehekircher says it works out the lactic acid built up in the muscles and keeps the muscles from tightening [Read More...]