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Tips to Help with Sore Muscles

Sore Muscles? Here’s Some Relief After Your Workout #withDavida   Sore Muscles scare many people away from exercise. If they do finally mount the courage to brave the gym, they lift very light weights and try not to exert themselves too much. But when using your body for something new, like spandex in a yoga class, soreness is almost unavoidable. When the muscle is challenged the tissues break down for rebuilding to make the muscle [Read More...]

Butt Lift Workout Tips

Simple Butt Lift Workouts #withDavida   What part of your body do you like the least? If you’re female there’s a good chance you said your butt.  I was recently asked to participate as an instructor on a television show segment encouraging people to use the stairs. In this segment the camera took many long views of my derriere as I climbed the stair-stepping machine. A wave of heat overcame my body and I squinched [Read More...]

Fit Over 50: Davida, Fitness Pro

Fit Over 50, How One Guy Got His Groove Back #withDavida   I’m inspired by a lot of the older people who show up to exercise with me. I know I feel my bones aging and it’s easy to stay home and relax. But I have a room full of people who are fit over 50 years old who show up every week to do the work of keeping their bodies strong and mobile. Fifty-six [Read More...]

Workouts for Kids: Davida, fitness pro

Workouts for Kids #withDavida   A family that plays together stays healthy together! Currently I have a few mothers with their teen daughters enjoying my weight lifting class. I love when I have two or three generations of families come to my group fitness or yoga classes. It seems the moms are trying to set a good example with creating workouts for kids while the daughters want to encourage their mothers’ desire to get in [Read More...]

Get Loud For a Better Workout

Get Loud  #withDavida   I like a get loud exercise class. Not just having the music turned up, but also the people actively participating with hoots and hollers. It creates a fun energetic atmosphere and a better workout for the individual. Yelling and grunting forces better breathing, which recruits the ever so important transverse abdominal muscle (TA muscle). Many like to kill their gut doing sit-ups in hopes of achieving a six-pack midsection. Unless you [Read More...]

Positive Body Image and Kids

Teach Your Kids Positive Body Image #withDavida   Sometimes friends ask advice about their child who they fear may be getting a little fat. I stop them right there and say don’t make an issue about weight; make it about health and fitness. Media images have poisoned our minds to believe there is one size and body image we must strive for or we’re less than adequate.  In 20 years of teaching exercise I hardly [Read More...]