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5 Tips to Get Your Fitness on Track!

A Fitness Instructors Choice #withDavida I was chatting with my eye doctor about fitness, giving tips and recommendations about how to fit in exercise and stay motivated. Then she posed the question “What would you do for exercise if you were not instructing all the time?” Wow! Good question. I had to think about it. I know I want to keep my heart healthy and I love being strong. Now, as I grow older I [Read More...]

Cool Down Tips!

Should You Cool Down? #withDavida My daughter’s swim coach reminded me the importance of the cool down. After my 12 year old exerts her self in a 50-meter free style sprint her coach requires she get back in the pool and swim leisurely a few laps before she goes home. What does this do? Coach Sarah Ehekircher says it works out the lactic acid built up in the muscles and keeps the muscles from tightening [Read More...]

Bandhas: Why It Matters to Strengthen Them!

Squeeze Your Bandhas! #withDavida Engage your core and bandhas! You may hear this command from instructors or trainers. Why? What does it really mean? Squeeze your tummy? Tighten your butt? Well, partly.  Your core includes way more than your abdominal and back muscles. It pretty much includes everything but muscles in your arms and legs as it acts as a stabilizer for your movements. By “engaging” these muscles you put your body in a solid [Read More...]

Balance: Tips to Find it in Your Workout!

Finding Balance in Your Workout #withDavida I must admit I’m a cardio-holic. Once I found my groove in the gym I became dedicated to working hard. I prided myself on leaving it all on the gym floor and crawling away in a trail of sweat. If someone wanted to take a walk, I wanted to roller blade. When I was recovering from knee surgery I found water aerobics too slow and instead swam laps. Who [Read More...]

Fitness Clothes: Do They Matter?

Dressing for Fitness Success #withDavida If there was a sun sign for raccoon, that would be me. I am giddy when I get shiny new items.  Like a kid at Christmas, I can’t wait to rip open the packaging and play, play, play! When my husband installed a heavy bag in my basement I couldn’t wait to get down there and bring out my inner Charlie’s Angel, punching and kicking the imagined villain until they [Read More...]

Life Balance: Do You Have It?

Find Balance for Better Health #withDavida One of the greatest times of my life was the college semester I spent studying in the south of France. As the daughter of a single mother working my way through school I never imagined I would have such an opportunity. I lived with a French family and purchased a used little pink bike with a wicker basket to cycle to school with the masses. I savored my experience [Read More...]