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Tips to Get the Most from Your Community Pharmacy

Expanding Patient Services in the Independent Community Pharmacy Years ago, I came across one of those dream jobs that seems like it would be a lot of fun: being a “Cool Hunter” to watch for the next big fashion or advance. Greetings from NOLA – New Orleans, Louisiana!  The National Community Pharmacists Association has chosen just about the most comfortable time of the year to visit the Big Easy. NCPA is the professional association representing [Read More...]

Get Your Health on Track!

Taking Charge of Your Health! Ok, so you’ve decided to embark on a journey to improve your health. That sounds great, but do you have any idea what that will actually look like? People make this commitment every day. I’ve made it before, and you’ve likely made it before but it didn’t quite last. Why? It’s likely because you didn’t have a clear grasp of why you wanted your life to change. Let’s make this [Read More...]

Integrative Health: Dr. Peter J. Rice

Could THIS be a New Complementary Medicine for Integrative Health? I was talking last week with one of our pharmacy students who is interested in complementary medicines, an area of therapeutics that recognizes integrative health approaches developed outside of mainstream Western, or conventional, medicine. Integrative health and medicine seeks to coordinate these complementary approaches with conventional treatments to improve patient care. Then, over the weekend, I encountered what might be an example of a potential complementary [Read More...]

CoQ10: Dr Peter J. Rice

Coenzyme Q10:  CoQ10  Some time back, while shopping at Costco, my wife was concerned about staying healthy and was looking for something to take. With no particular symptom or problem in mind, I suggested Coenzyme Q10: CoQ10. We already both take multivitamins and I take additional vitamin C and vitamin D.  CoQ10 is a dietary supplement that helps mitochondria function well. CoQ10 is not a vitamin because humans can make their own supply, with about half [Read More...]

Sleep: Why that extra Sleep Matters!

Sleep For Fitness #withDavida   The flowers are blooming and the weather is warming up that means people are thinking about their summer vacations and looking good in their shorts and swimwear. Often people drop off on exercising during the winter, eat heavier foods and gain a few pounds. Now in an effort to quickly get rid of it there is a mad rush to the gym. If you do it right you can shape [Read More...]

Aging and Respect: Dr. Peter J. Rice

Some Birthday Thoughts on Aging   My birthday is this week. The big 63!  That makes me think about aging and how we can better interact with older patients. After all, just another 37 years or so and I might admit to being an “older” patient. So let me tell you about two movies, and how they made me think about aging. One of my favorite classic movies is “Big Jake”, starring John Wayne, who [Read More...]